Prakash Raj became emotional after resigning from MAA, said – deep meaning is hidden behind this, thanks to those who supported

MAA से इस्तीफा देने के बाद भावुक हुए प्रकाश राज, बोले- इसके पीछे छिपा है गहरा अर्थ, समर्थन देने वालों का शुक्रिया

Prakash Raj

Recently, South film industry veteran Prakash Raj has resigned from the Movie Artists Association (MAA), an influential industry body of Tollywood. Regarding his resignation, Prakash Raj said that there is a deep meaning behind his resignation. Thanking the members who supported him and his panel in the recently concluded MAA elections, the actor tweeted, “Hello, my dear MAA members who stood by us, there is a deeper meaning behind my resignation from MAA. As a team we know that we are responsible for the love and support that all of you have given us.”

Let us tell you that Prakash Raj lost the MAA election to actor and producer Manchu Vishnu, after which he announced on Monday that he was leaving MAA. He said that we will never let you all down. Very soon we will come, you will be proud of us. The actor had left the trade body as he was upset over the issue of ‘tukde-tukde’ gangs being seen as regionalism during elections and campaigning.

Prakash Raj was saddened by the fact of being non-Telugu

The multilingual actor, a native of Karnataka, said that he will continue to be a ‘guest’ in the industry as his rival panel and its supporters want it from him. During the campaign, Vishnu Panel and his supporters opposed the candidature of Prakash Raj as he is a non-Telugu. Replying to this, Prakash said that my self-respect as an artist does not allow me to remain in MAA. He clarified that he will continue to act in Telugu films and maintain his connection with the film industry and his fans.

In the election held on Sunday, Vishnu defeated Prakash Raj by 109 votes and was elected as MAA President. The final results declared on Monday showed that Vishnu got 383 votes while his rival got 274 votes. The Vishnu panel won all the key positions except the executive vice president, which was held by actor Srikkanth of the Prakash Raj panel. Of the 18 slots for executive committee members, Vishnu’s panel got 10 and Prakash Raj supporters got the remaining eight.

Vishnu said about rejecting the resignation

After Prakash Raj announced his resignation, Vishnu appealed to him not to act in an emotional and hasty manner. The young actor wrote to Prakash Raj that you are an integral part of our family. I need your ideas and we need to work together. I request you not to answer me now. I will meet you soon and we will discuss. I love uncle, please don’t be in a hurry.

Addressing a press conference on Monday, Vishnu said that he would not accept the resignations of Prakash Raj and Naga Babu, brother of megastar Chiranjeevi. Actually Chiranjeevi had supported Prakash Raj. Naga Babu said he was saddened to see regionalism and intolerance rocking the apex body of Tollywood.

(Input- IANS)

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