Nusrat Jahan Secret Wedding: Nusrat Jahan, then in the discussion, first gave birth to Yashdas Gupta’s son, now got married?

Nusrat Jahan Secret Wedding : फिर चर्चा में नुसरत जहां, पहले यशदास गुप्ता के बेटे के दिया जन्म, अब कर ली शादी?

Nusrat confirms relationship with Yash

Actress and MP Nusrat Jahan has recently given birth to a son. Nusrat Jahan always remains in the discussion for some reason or the other. The actress remains in the headlines for her personal life more than her professional life. First about love with Nikhil Jain, then marriage and then separation.

After which the discussion of her relationship started with Bengali actor Yash Dasgupta, although till now it was believed that Nusrat Jahan is still in a live-in relationship with Yash, but Nusrat has recently shared some pictures on social media to see. Later it seems that she has married Yash.

The cake indicated the marriage of both

Nusrat Jahan shared pictures from Yash Das’ 36th Birthday Celebration Party. In which ‘Husband’ and ‘Dad’ were also written along with ‘YD’ on the birthday cake. Nusrat and Yash have just become parents, so the writing of father and husband on the cake is telling that Mrs Das Gupta, who has become an actress. Apart from this, Nusrat also wished him a birthday with a heart emoji on Insta Story along with Yash’s photo.

Nusrat Insta Story Compressed

nusrat’s instagram story

Pregnancy was not even official

Nusrat and Yash’s son Ishaan was born in August. The actress did not officially reveal her pregnancy but when her pictures with baby bump started going viral, it was confirmed that she is going to be a mother. Nor has he revealed the face of his son.

Silence was broken in the name of son’s father

When Nusrat was pregnant and she had given birth to a son, she did not make the name of the baby’s father public. He was trolled a lot on this. In such a situation, breaking all the silence, he had disclosed the name of his son’s father a few days ago. He had told that his son’s father is none other than Yash Dasgupta.

Has been in discussion about the first marriage

Nusrat Jahan had announced her separation from her husband Nikhil Jain some time ago. He had said that he was married to Nikhil according to Turkish law, which is not valid in India, so he does not need to get divorced from Nikhil. Apart from this, Nusrat is very active on social media to stay connected with her fans. The actress keeps sharing her pictures and videos with the fans every day.

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