Naga Chaitanya is taking care of himself after breaking up with Samantha, know how to keep busy?

सामंथा-नागा के तलाक पर एक्ट्रेस के पिता ने कहा- मेरा दिमाग ही खाली हो गया है...


Recently, South actor Naga Chaitanya and actress Samantha had announced a divorce and the breakup of this couple was shocking and disturbing for everyone. Where Samantha said on social media a few days ago that she has been trying to come forward from this situation, it is being said that Nagas are also now taking steps to move on in their life.

spending time with family

Let us tell you that Naga is very close to his family, so he is spending time with his family and friends in his difficult times. While his family is also supporting him a lot for his mind diversion. Naga shares a special bond with his brother Akhil Negi. It is being told that Akhil is spending a lot of time with him at this time. While his father is also supporting his son in his grief. Not only this, these days Nagas are chilling themselves a bit by getting together with their friends.

will take a break from movies

If reports are to be believed, Naga currently wants a little break from Reject. Naga is not yet ready to do endorsements, films or anything but he is planning for future projects.

new home preparation

It is said that to get away from any trouble, being busy in new work is helpful in reducing that problem and perhaps Naga is following this thing, it is being told that he is also working closely at this time in the renovation of his new house. Looking at what might make him feel a little refreshed. He is interested in seeing every big work for the house. However, he has started keeping himself busy after separation from his wife. Which might prove effective in getting them out of this pain.

It is worth noting that a few days ago, South actress Samantha had changed her husband Naga Chaitanya’s surname ‘Akkineni’ to Samantha Ruth Prabhu from behind her name on social media. Since then there were speculations about their divorce. However, at that time neither of the two stars had confirmed it. Let us tell you that both of them got married in 2017 with great pomp and now after 4 years, the relationship of both of them is broken.

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