Nafisa shared beautiful pictures of Lucky Ali’s daughter Sara, people asked – does she even sing

नफीसा ने शेयर किया लकी अली की बेटी सारा की खूबसूरत तस्वीरें, लोगों ने पूछा- क्या गाती भी हैं

Sara Inara Ali

Music composer Lucky Ali is not active on social media but his close friend Nafisa Ali Sodhi keeps sharing updates related to him constantly. Recently, the Veteran actress shared the photo of Lucky Ali’s daughter Sara Inara Ali on Instagram.

Sharing several photos of Sara, the actress wrote, “Yeh Sara Ali Hai (Lucky Ali’s second daughter). Sara is looking very beautiful in these photos. Nafisa’s followers are praising her.

Nafisa is Lucky’s good friend

Lucky Ali stays away from the limelight and spends most of his time in Goa. His friend Nafisa’s house is also in Goa. The actress often shares photos with Lucky Ali. Seeing Sara’s photos, the followers asked if she also sings.

In 1996, Lucky tied the knot with Cloud Jane McCleary. He married Anahita in 2000 and tied the knot with former Miss England Kate Elizabeth Hallam in 2010 in Bangalore. Sara Inara Ali is the daughter of Lucky and Anahita. Last year, a video of Lucky went viral in which he was seen singing the song O Sanam. Lucky Ali was looking very old in the video. His video was posted by Nafisa. In this, Lucky was seen singing the song O Sanam in a crowd of people.

who is lucky ali

Lucky Ali is not a new name for the people of the 90s. Many people have heard his superhit songs. Singer’s magic is still very much liked by the people. His song O Sanam is played in many parties. These days Lucky Lime is completely away from the light and sings only in festivals and charges hefty fees for it. Lucky these two live alone in Goa. Lucky Ali may not be so lucky in matters of marriage and love, but he has a good bank balance. According to idolnetworth.com, Singer’s net worth is $6 million. In India this amount is around 4.5 crores.

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