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Lock Upp: Sayesha Shinde, who was banned from Fashion Week because of a fashion designer, said – she took me to her hotel…..

Saisha Shinde

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Kangana Ranaut while talking to Saisha Shinde said that dreams of many people are fulfilled in this industry, but there are also many people whose dreams are crushed badly.

In front of Kangana Ranaut in her show ‘Lock Up’ (lock upTo save themselves from being out, the contestants tell their secret in front of everyone, about which everyone is still unaware. Saisha Shinde (Saisha Shinde) also presented a big secret related to his life in front of everyone. Sayyeshaa said that then I was new in this industry (although then Saisha was Swapnil Shinde) and she is the respect of a senior designer, although a friend of mine who was a big fashion designer of India, I also had the same respect in my heart. And it was my second or third show. When I met him, he called me to meet him.

Sayyeshaa further said that “He called me to his hotel room and I also knew with what intention he was calling me but I still went there to meet him. He talked to me very lovingly. That designer also told me that his life is a suitcase. He tried to show me that he was very sad in his life. Despite having so much money and fame, there is no one person in his life who takes care of him. Hearing his words, I hugged him and everything happened between us.”

the designer cheated

Sayesha said that after this incident she was in touch with that designer, she met a lot of times, but as life progressed, Sayesha met someone and she shared her heart with Sayesha that she had met a designer. And he told them that his life was like a suitcase. Sayesha further came to know that that designer had called many other people to the bedroom saying this and there were about 7 other people along with Sayesha, with whom this designer had a relationship.

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Saisha Shinde was banned

Saisha further said that “When this thing spread in the industry then I was banned, I was not allowed to participate in the fashion week and it was said that I had defamed her but the real thing was that I Didn’t tell anyone anything about this.” Kangana Ranaut told Saisha that “Sexual exploitation of young people and especially in the film industry and fashion industry, it has become very common. No matter how much we want to deny it, but it is a fact.

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