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Lock Up Exclusive: After a stellar performance in the tyrannical jail, see here the reactions of the finalists of Lockup…

Check out the reactions of all the faunists here…

The most popular reality show Lock Up has got its winner. After the announcement of the winner, all the prisoners gave their performance. After which the reactions of the finalists have come to the fore regarding the show.

ALTBalaji’s most popular show ‘Lock Up’ (Lock Up) Season one has got their winner. With this, after a long time, Munawwar Farooqui Kangana Ranaut (Kangana Ranaut) that the tyrants have been released from jail. After announcing the winner’s name, the philistines of the show gave their beautiful performances. Which was very much enjoyed by the public and the fans of the show. As you know, people were eagerly waiting for the winner of lock up. Also, for the last few days, the excitement level of the jail inmates was also on the seventh sky. Everyone was trying to give their best to this show with all their heart. But, finally Munawwar Farooqui (Munawar Faruqui) took this title to his name.

Let us tell you that the best performance of the prisoners was seen in the lock up. After which all the prisoners were exposed to the media. Let us tell you about the exclusive interviews of prisoners…

Was just a few steps away from victory – Anjali Arora

During a conversation with Anjali Arora, a prisoner who made her place in the top 3 in the Grand Finale, she said that victory was only a few steps away. Maybe God had something else approved. Along with this, he said that he is very eager to go out and enjoy this moment. Now she wants to go out and do a lot of work and focus on her career.

When Anjali was asked about the task, she replied that after coming to this jail, she got an idea of ​​her capability. Along with this, she also got to know what are the qualities inside her.

Have made good bonds with everyone in jail – Shivam Sharma

Apart from this, Shivam Sharma, who was the first finalist of the show, said that he has made very good bonds here. Along with this, Shivam Sharma thanked his fans for voting by filling them.

Apart from this, on the question asked about his journey in jail, Shivam said that there is no traveling here. He told his fans that if you all used to see what we used to do here, then you would have been able to understand us better. But, we have lived the badass game here. Also, he said that the lock up has brought me to my Sahil, now I am going to do a luxurious job for the entertainment of all of you.

Prince said- ‘I came to the show for a special purpose’

Prince Narula said that I did not win the show but brought trouble for them. He had to assure all the prisoners that they are the contestants of the show. Prince said of his work that he performed well. Let us tell you that Prince’s entry was done only 3 weeks before the grand finale.

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Along with this, Prince appealed to the public to support Munawwar Farooqui. He said that keep your love and support on Munavvar like this.

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