KBC 13: Genelia tears up seeing children suffering from cancer, Amitabh promises to meet children

KBC 13 : कैंसर पीड़ित बच्चों को देखकर जेनेलिया की आंखों से निकले आंसू, अमिताभ ने किया बच्चों से मिलने का वादा

Genelia joins KBC 13

The ‘Fantastic Friday’ episode of season 13 of Kaun Banega Crorepati became quite emotional when a video of children suffering from cancer was shown on the show. Actually, Genelia D’souza and Riteish Deshmukh came on the show to play for the children suffering from cancer. Riteish and Genelia had come to raise funds for the Impact Foundation, under which they could get treatment for cancer children. During this, tears came out of Genelia’s eyes after seeing the videos of children suffering from cancer.

When Amitabh Bachchan asked Riteish and Genelia on the show how and why did you start it, while answering this, Riteish says that we have been wishing for a long time that something for the children suffering from cancer. do it. We will never be able to understand what goes on these children, but along with them, their families also struggle a lot. This disease is such, which is not cured in a month or two months. It takes exactly three years, when children have to be given chemo.

Genelia’s tears

The actor further says that unfortunately this treatment is not cheap and there are many people who cannot afford this treatment. I think whatever little things we can do. Fund raising etc. Many times it happens in our country that there is a delay in getting the funds. Early signs of cancer in children are not visible. If someone has a fever, then think that he will be fine by tomorrow. That is why it is very important that this disease is detected as early as possible and its treatment can be started as soon as possible. We make every effort for this.

When Ritesh was talking about children suffering from cancer, Genelia’s eyes were flowing non-stop. She was very sad to see the pain of children battling cancer. After this, Ritesh urged Amitabh to talk to these children once through video call. Amitabh immediately accepted this request of Ritesh. Amitabh spoke to two cancer-stricken children present at Tata Memorial Hospital. Not only this, Amitabh Bachchan promised the children that he would get them phones so that they could play games on the phone in the hospital. Apart from this, Amitabh Bachchan also promised the children that as soon as he gets time, he will definitely come to the hospital to meet those children.

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