Karan Kundrra won the hearts of fans as soon as he entered Bigg Boss 15, a new style is being seen

Bigg Boss 15 में एंट्री करते ही करण कुंद्रा ने जीता फैंस का दिल, देखने को मिल रहा है नया अंदाज

Karan Kundrra has recently entered Bigg Boss 15. Karan is considered to be a strong contestant of the show. A new look of Karan is being seen in the show.

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The famous actor of the small screen, Karan Kundrra rules over millions of hearts. Karan has worked in many famous shows of the small screen. Karan is seen in Bigg Boss 15 these days. Bigg Boss 15 (bigg boss 15) Karan has won everyone’s heart as soon as he enters.

Karan Kundrra’s entry in Bigg Boss house is a joy for the audience. At the same time, the actor has proved time and again how calm he is and how he makes his strategy quietly while being in the game and enjoying every moment.

Karan Kundrra is winning hearts of fans

Not only this, Karan Kundrra is fast emerging as a mentor to the contestants who look up to him for good advice and his fair sense of judgment. In the latest episode, Karan was seen pacifying Prateek Sahajpal after he had a fight with Maesha.

Without taking sides, Karan said what he wanted and restored peace. Karan has also been a mentor of Prateek at MTV Love School in the past. Not only this, he also pacified Afsana Khan, whom he calls his beloved sister.

Karan Kundrra (karan in bigg boss 15) has collaborated with Afsana in a music video for her single, he is very protective of her and is always together. Not only this, in the battle of Jai Bhanushali and Prateek, Karan played the game very intelligently, where he prevented Prateek from committing violence, he also counted Prateek’s mistakes. Karan is seen playing very intelligently in the show. This is the time when he will show his real face to the fans. So far, good friendship is also being seen in Karan’s house with everyone. At the same time, the way he is handling all, it has to be seen what reaction he gets from Salman Khan in the weekend war. Fans recently saw Karan in the TV show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

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