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Karan Kundra Bedroom Secrets: While answering the questions of the queen, Karan Kundra revealed all the secrets, girlfriend Tejashwi Prakash was ashamed

Kangana took Tejashwi and Karan’s spin…

Many videos of the grand finale of the country’s most popular reality show Lock Up are becoming viral on social media. In which there is a video of jailer and warden. In the video, Karan Kunda is seen having fun with his real life girlfriend.

Queen Kangana during the finale episode of Lockup (Kangana Ranaut) with Karan Kundra and Tejashwi Prakash are seen playing a game. Although Kangana Ranaut’s most popular reality show Lock Up (Lock Up) is now over. But, the euphoria of the lockup still remains among the fans. Different videos of the finale of the show are going viral on social media. The fans of the show are very fond of these videos. In these videos, lock-up jailer Karan Kundrra (Karan Kundra) And a funny video of Tejashwi Prakash, who was the warden in the show, has surfaced. In the video, Kangana Ranaut, the queen of the show, is seen playing a game with both the couples.

During Kangana’s fun game, Karan and Tejashwi, who were dating each other in real life, started pulling each other’s legs. Not only this, while answering Kangana’s questions, Karan Kundra and Tejashwi were seen opening their bedroom secrets. During this, Kangana asked the couple questions about their personal life. To which Karan responded quickly and started opening his personal secrets. Hearing this, his girlfriend Tejashwi Prakash became watery with shame.

Actually, Kangana asked while asking who is the better kisser between the two of you. On which Karan immediately took the name of his girlfriend. After answering, Karan looked at Tejashwi the very next moment and while having fun with him said why are you blushing. This is a lockup. Giving her reaction to Karan’s jokes, the actress said that both of us are very good in this matter. On which Karan said with alacrity that but at first you were better. On this Tejashwi also says yes to her boyfriend and says that yes she was the best in the first kiss.

Watch the viral video here-

Tejashwi became red due to boyfriend’s fun

After this, jokingly, Kangana Ranaut would ask who likes to be on top? On asking this question, Kangana immediately says that I am talking about the game. On this, Karan points to Tejashwi and says that he is in the game. But further in the double meaning fun, Karan says that I am not talking about the game. On this answer of Karan, Tejashwi becomes a bit uncomfortable and says what is happening?

Karan got a lot of support as a jailer

At the same time, talking about the show, the first season of Kangana’s lockup proved to be a super-duper hit. During the show, Karan Kundra, playing the role of a jailer, got a lot of support from the fans. Also, the first season got stand-up comedian Munawwar Farooqui as the first winner.

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