Kapil Sharma asked Govinda – what is the color of his wife’s lipstick? When the actor could not answer, the wife said in front of everyone – aja son…

कपिल शर्मा ने गोविंदा से पूछा- पत्नी की लिपस्टिक का कलर क्या है? नहीं दे पाए एक्टर जवाब तो पत्नी ने सबके सामने कहा- आजा बेटा...

Whenever Govinda and Sunita come together, the atmosphere becomes quite fun. Both talk openly about their personal life together. Now on Sunday, both appeared in The Kapil Sharma Show and during this both had a lot of fun.

Govinda and Sunita’s fun in The Kapil Sharma Show

Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show on Sunday. During this both had a lot of fun. During a segment of the show, Kapil took Govinda’s test to see how much he knew about Sunita’s look. When Kapil asked about Sunita’s earrings, Govinda ignored it and sang the song, Tere Chehre Se Nahi Nahi Nahi Hai, Nazare Hum Kya Dekhte.

After this, when Govinda could not tell the color of Sunita’s nail paint, Sunita called him un-romantic. Kapil then asks what color Sunita has applied lipstick, then Govinda laughs first and then says that he must have applied red color only.

Sunita again says, ‘Is it red? Come kiss me and see, son.’ Govinda and Kapil can not stop laughing after hearing this and both start laughing out loud. Then Govinda gives his clarification and says, ‘I have never been in it that which color is it. I mean by its lips.’

Let us tell you that Govinda and Sunita got married in the year 1987 and both have 2 children Tina and Yashvardhan. On the 25th wedding anniversary, Govinda and Sunita remarried among close friends.

Angry at Krishna while supporting her husband

Even before Govinda and Sunita were coming on the show, Krishna had said that he would not be able to be a part of the show as both the parties do not want to share the stage with each other. On the other hand, Sunita gave her reaction on Krishna’s statement and said that Govinda had promised that he would not discuss about the family in the public place and he is keeping his promise, but I feel bad when someone talks about him or his family. Comments.

Sunita further questioned Krishna’s talent and said, ‘Krishna till date does comedy by taking the name of his maternal uncle, my maternal uncle, my maternal uncle. Doesn’t he have enough talent to make the show a hit on his own?

Sunita had said in the end that we raised them by raising them and today they are misbehaving with us. What if I had thrown her out of the house after my mother-in-law’s death?

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