Kannada actress Sanjana Galrani once again in headlines after drugs case, accusing cab driver of kidnapping

ड्रग्स केस के बाद कन्नड़ एक्ट्रेस संजना गलरानी एक बार फिर सुर्खियों में, लगाया कैब ड्राइवर पर अपहरण का आरोप

Actress Sanjana Galrani

Kannada actress Sanjana Galrani is in the news for more controversies than her work and this time Sanjana is making headlines for her fight with a cab driver. The cab driver has filed a complaint with the police accusing the actress of abusing her, but the actress has given her clarification on this whole matter by writing a long and wide post on social media.

Sanjana told the driver a liar (Sanjjanaa Kidnapping Case)

Sanjana, while giving her statement on the complaint of the driver, wrote that after all how can I challenge a cab driver? His misbehavior should also be seen. He said that the driver had refused to turn on the AC, when he asked him to turn on the AC, he started screaming.

While the rule is that we sit in any cab, then it is our right that we can take advantage of his facility now because we are paying his money but the driver behaved badly and threatened to drop him on the middle of the road. Four of us were sitting in the car.

As we were all adjusting but that middle road was threatening to take off a woman who had a bag weighing 35 kg and due to health reasons she could not lift it, then this dispute started. Have to become strong.
When I was abusing the matter, I did not say a derogatory word to him. The driver was getting me down at a distance of 49 meters from my location.

Driver accused of kidnapping

Let us tell you that during the stand, the actress called the police that the driver of the cab in which she is sitting is kidnapping her, but when she reached her shoot location, she asked the police to cancel the complaint and told that the driver When she was taking the wrong way, she suspected that she was being kidnapped. However, the cab driver has filed a complaint in view of this entire attitude of the actress. If they come to the police for this entire dispute, they are also ready to settle it.

cab driver complaint

The cab driver said in his complaint that Sanjana had boarded her taxi near Dommalur here on Tuesday morning. She got into the vehicle and asked me to turn on the air-conditioner. She said “I had refused to turn on the air-conditioner as per the Covid-19 guidelines of the government.

Although he abused that I should turn on the air-conditioner and I put it on label 1, he abused and called the police and told me to file a kidnapping case against me and threatened to campaign against me on social media platforms. That’s why I have taken up the matter with Karnataka Drivers Federation. It is being told that the police is currently investigating the matter thoroughly keeping both the sides in mind.

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