Javed Akhtar: ‘The most civilized and tolerant Hindu in the world’, Javed Akhtar broke silence after the controversy over his statement on RSS

Javed Akhtar: 'दुनिया में सबसे सभ्य और सहिष्णु हिंदू', RSS पर दिए बयान से उठे विवाद के बाद जावेद अख्तर ने तोड़ा मौन

Javed Akhtar again said, “Yes, in that interview, I had expressed my objection to some organizations of the Sangh Parivar. In opposition to any such organization that divides people on the basis of religion, caste and creed, whoever I am standing behind all of them.

Javed Akhtar

Famous lyricist Javed Akhtar, in an interview a few days ago, compared Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Bajrang Dal to Taliban. He had said that the mentality of those who support these organizations and the mentality of the supporters of Taliban is the same. After this there was a controversy over the statements of Javed Akhtar. There were strong reactions from across the country in the protest. Javed Akhtar has now broken his silence on this and has once again tried to explain the meaning of his old statements while speaking outspoken.

Javed Akhtar has clarified his point by writing an article in a newspaper. He expressed surprise that it has been said about him that he only opens his mouth on Hindu fundamentalism and remains silent on Islamic fundamentalism. He said that those who say so are unaware of his past works.

Always raised voice against Muslim fundamentalists

Javed Akhtar has written, “In the last two decades, I was given police protection twice because of threats to my life by Muslim fundamentalists. For the first time when I opposed triple tilak. That too when it was not discussed much in the country… In a TV debate in 2010, I had a strong argument with Maulana Kalbe Jawad against the custom of purdah. Maulana got very angry with me because of this. My effigies were burnt in Lucknow. Once again I started getting threatening mails. I was once again provided with police protection. So the allegation that I do not speak against Muslim fundamentalism is baseless.

Taliban supporters were pulled up a lot, Javed Akhtar clarified

Javed Akhtar told that he had made a tweet on 24 August 2021. He mentioned that two members of the Muslim Personal Board had expressed happiness after the Taliban rule was once again established in Afghanistan. Javed Akhtar had said blatantly that the Muslim Personal Board should distance itself from the exploits of those two members, it is not enough. The board should criticize it in strong words.

Bigotry is not in India’s DNA, can never be compared with Afghanistan

Javed Akhtar further says, “I had said in an interview that Hindus are the most civilized and tolerant majority in the world. I have said this many times. I have also firmly said that India can never be Afghanistan. The reason for this is that Indians are not inherently fanatical. The middle path is in their DNA. Now the question will be in your mind that I speak my words so clearly, yet why are people so angry with me? The answer is that I have spoken against the fundamentalists of every religion and have rejected their words. There are amazing similarities in the views of the fundamentalists of every community. “

Supporters of Taliban and Hindu fundamentalists, promoters of similar views

Javed Akhtar stands by his old statement that Talibani and Hindu fundamentalists have similar thoughts and mindsets. In support of his point of view, he argues that the Taliban has established an Islamic state. Hindu fundamentalists have to establish a Hindu Rashtra. The Taliban are attacking women’s rights, Hindu fundamentalists also do not like the freedom of women and girls. For example, in many states from Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat to Karnataka, boys and girls have been beaten up for sitting together in restaurants, gardens or any public places. Like Muslim fanatics, it is not acceptable for Hindu fundamentalists to choose their life partner according to their choice. Like the Taliban, Hindu fundamentalists also talk about religion and faith above any law or court made by humans.

Further enumerating the similarities between Talibanis and Hindu fundamentalists, Javed Akhtar gives some more examples. He reiterates that the Taliban do not like the minority at all. Similarly, the feelings of Hindu fundamentalists about minorities have been evident from time to time. The only difference is that the power is now in the hands of the Taliban. Fortunately this is India and there are many Indians who strongly oppose such fanatical views.

This is the difference between Taliban’s Afghanistan and Constitution-run India.

Javed Akhtar also underlined the fact that there are many things in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan and Constitution-run India that save India from becoming Afghanistan. Our constitution does not discriminate on the basis of religion, community, caste or gender. Our judiciary and media are independent.

A large section got angry with what he said about Golwalkar, but…

Javed Akhtar says that a large section is angry with his statement on MS Golwalkar. He says, “I had said in my interview that M.S. Golwalkar admired Nazi Germany and Nazi Germany’s treatment of minorities and was a supporter of this Nazi Germany. People are angry with me over this. Golwalkar was the Sarvasarva of the Sangh from 1940 to 1973. He wrote two books named We or Our Nationhood Defined and A Bunch of Thoughts. Both these books are available on the internet. For the past few years, his supporters have been saying that he has not even written this book. The first book was published in 1939. Golwalkar lived till 1973. This book continued to be published from 1939 to 1973. In these 34 years, Golwalkar never said that he had not written this book. “

Yes there is opposition to the RSS, no regrets about it

In the end, Javed Akhtar writes, “Yes, in that interview, I had expressed my objection to some organizations of the Sangh Parivar. I stand behind all those who are standing in opposition to any such institution that divides people on the basis of religion, caste and creed. Perhaps this is the reason why in 2018, the organizers of Sankatmochan Mandir in Varanasi, one of India’s most respected temples, invited me and I was given the title of ‘peace doot’ there. I was given an opportunity to deliver a speech inside the temple. It is a matter of great honor for an atheist like me.”

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