‘Jackie Chan apologized for son’s arrest in drug case’, Kangana Ranaut targets Shahrukh in Aryan Khan case without naming

'ड्रग मामले में बेटे की गिरफ्तारी पर जैकी चैन ने मांगी थी माफी', कंगना रनौत ने बिना नाम लिए आर्यन खान मामले में साधा शाहरुख पर निशाना

Kangana Ranaut

Aryan Khan, son of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, has recently been arrested by the NCB in a drugs case. At present, Aryan is in jail for 14 days. Aryan’s lawyers are constantly trying to bail him out. In such a situation, from Hrithik Roshan to Pooja Bhatt, all the celebs have come in favor of Shahrukh. But Kangana Ranaut is seen targeting this matter without naming the actor.

Yes, recently when Hrithik supported Aryan Khan, Kangana had opposed it, now taking the name of actress Jackie Chan, has tried to target Shahrukh.

Actually, at one time Jackie Chan’s son Jesse Chan was arrested in a drug case, but then Jackie apologized to the whole world. In such a situation, now Kangana has recently tried to give an example of this on Instagram.

Kangana targeted Shahrukh?

On her Instagram handle, Kangana has shared a photo in which Jackie Chan and his son are seen. Not only this, the actress wrote in the post, ‘Jackie Chan officially apologized when his son was arrested in 2014 in a drug case.

He had said ‘I am ashamed of the son’s action, it is my failure and I will not intervene to protect him’ and after this his son was jailed for 6 months and also apologized. The actress shared this post. He wrote, “#justsaying”.

Kangana Compressed

Kangana Ranaut

Now, through this post, without naming Shahrukh Khan, Kangana has tried to tell that King Khan should also apologize on the Aryan Khan case. In such a situation, this statement of Kangana Ranaut, who once again dominated among the fans, has come in the headlines.

Jenny had apologized

When Jackie felt that she should have come forward, Jackie apologized to the whole world. The actor had said that I am very ashamed. At the same time, expressing his disappointment over his son, he wrote on social media, ‘I am very angry with my son’s actions and I am ashamed. The actor was also praised a lot at that time.

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