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India’s Best Dancer 2: Honey Singh became the first transwoman to move forward in the show, tears came to the eyes of the judges after hearing her story

Honey Singh became the first transwoman to appear on the show

Honey Singh, who became the first transwoman to clear the gala audition of India’s Best Dancer Season 2, said that she was born as a boy. As a child, he himself did not know who he was. But he started to realize that she is a girl and not a boy. When Honey Singh liked wearing frocks and putting on bindi, then the people of the locality started telling him why this boy is roaming like girls. During that time, Honey’s parents supported him.

In the video shared by Sony TV, Honey’s parents told the locals who pointed fingers at their son that we have no problem with Honey living like this. Our child will be whatever he wants. Honey said that boys of his age used to tease him a lot, repeatedly he was asked ‘Kinnar ho kya?’ Honey became emotional while narrating his story. He said that he did not feel bad because people were thinking about him like this, he was angry that people were discriminating a lot.

Honey’s parents fought for the world

In the video, Honey’s parents said that whether he becomes a boy or a girl, he will remain their child. Honey says that India’s Best Dancer is a platform where her gender will not dance. Seeing her dance, the three judges were very impressed with her and they passed her in the gala audition. At first, Honey could not believe his eyes after seeing the judges’ result.

Honey learned to live by adopting herself

When the judges asked him to tell about himself, he said that my name is Honey Singh and I am from Kanpur. I am a transwoman. Honey said that she is proud of herself and doesn’t care what the world thinks of her. People rejected him but still he adopted himself.

parent’s support

Hearing his story, Terence Lewis, Malaika Arora and Geeta Kapoor got tears in their eyes. His parents also came along to support Honey in this audition round. Honey getting the support of his parents, the judges also gave him a standing ovation.

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