Death Anniversary: ​​When Kishore Kumar escaped after locking the house due to a stage performance

Death Anniversary : जब किशोर कुमार एक स्टेज परफॉर्मेंस के कारण घर पर ताला लगाकर हो गए थे फरार

Actor and singer Kishore Kumar

Today is the death anniversary of veteran singer and clown actor Kishore Kumar. Even though Kishore Kumar is not alive today, his style is still keeping him alive among his fans. Kishore Kumar was such a singer who had never taken any music education nor did he ever take classical music training. Yet he was the master of every singing trend. He could bring any song to life with his melodious and beautiful voice. His naughty style and his charismatic voice still touches the hearts of people.

Along with the singer, he also emerged as an actor who made everyone crazy with his onscreen presence. He is known as one of the greatest playback singers of Indian cinema. The multi-faceted Kishore Kumar was also a lyricist, composer, producer, director and screenwriter.

When Kishore Kumar escaped after locking the house

We all know this thing that whenever Kishore Kumar used to come to perform on stage, he used to create panic. He had no match in stage performance. Seeing his energy on the stage, people also started dancing. However, very few people know that Kishore Kumar, who used to give powerpacked performances on stage, used to get nervous even with the stage name. Annu Kapoor had told in one of his shows that Kishore Kumar was very scared to perform on stage. He used to avoid going to musical programs.

Today, we share with you the story related to this fear, quoting Annu Kapoor’s show. This is the point of the early 1960s. At that time the great singer Talat Mahmood used to be the secretary of the Playback Singers Association. He once organized a program at Liberty Cinema in Mumbai. Many veterans were invited to this program, because this program was organized to collect funds for social work.

Kishore Kumar was also asked to come in this program. Since Kishore Kumar was nervous about performing on stage, he invented many new excuses for not attending the programme. However, according to the association, the presence of all the singers in this program was mandatory. It is not that Talat Mehmood did not know how much Kishore Kumar was nervous about stage performance. He was well aware of Kishore Kumar’s stage phobia, so he was entrusted with the responsibility to bring Kishore Kumar for the program by any means.

How did Kishore Kumar overcome stage phobia?

When Talat Mehmood reached Kishore Kumar’s house to pick him up for the programme, he was stunned. Actually, Kishore Kumar’s house was locked. Seeing the lock on the house, it did not take long for Talat Mahmood to understand that Kishore Kumar had run away in fear of stage performance in the programme. At that time there was no trace of Kishore Kumar and this program was done without Kishore Kumar.

However, everyone would definitely like to know how this phobia of stage came out of Kishore Kumar’s mind later. So tell that the reason behind this was Kalyan ji and Anand ji. Due to these two legendary musicians, Kishore Kumar helped him overcome this fear of his stage after years. After this Kishore Kumar started going on musical tours abroad with Kalyan ji and Anand ji.

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