Death Anniversary: ​​Those five ghazals, through which Jagjit Singh is still alive in the hearts of fans

Death Anniversary : वो पांच गजलें, जिनके जरिए आज भी फैंस के दिलों में जिंदा हैं जगजीत सिंह

King of Ghazals Jagjit Singh

When Ghazal King Jagjit Singh passed away on October 10, 2011, his fans around the world recited one of his most touching songs, ‘Chitti na koi sands, jaane woh kaun desh, jahan tum chale’. had expressed his grief on the tune of ‘Gay’. Jagjit Singh’s voice had that tinkling, which directly touched the hearts of the public. Jagjit Singh, born as Jagmohan Singh Dhiman on February 8, 1941 in Rajasthan, is one of the legends of Indian music.

Jagjit Singh’s career did not last long, but whatever he did, it was very spectacular and memorable. Jagjit Singh played the magic of his voice on the public for many years. However, when Jagjit Singh and his wife Chitra’s son died, they distanced themselves from music. He had given up singing. Today is Jagjit Singh’s death anniversary. On this occasion, today we are going to tell you about his five ghazals, through which even today these legendary Ghazalkars are alive among their fans.

touch you lips

One of his early works with Bollywood, this ghazal from the 1981 film Prem Geet gave birth to a new art and took it to the masses. This kind of spirituality in Ghazal was rarely heard by the audience. It centered on a loved one’s plea to his beloved to love him back.

O take the wealth too, take that fame too

Released in 1982, Ye Wrong was sung by Jagjit Singh with his wife Chitra. This ghazal evokes memories of a carefree childhood. This ghazal was later included in the 1998 film Aaj.

what news to the brave

This ghazal is from the film Sarfarosh released in the year 1999. This ghazal talks about the passion of romance and advises people not to judge lovers until they love themselves.

When I saw you, I realized

With this classic ghazal from the 1982 film Saath Saath, Jagjit Singh cemented his position as the Ghazal King of India. It was one of the defining moments of his Bollywood career, which spanned nearly three decades.

you are smiling so much

Tum Itna Jo… is one of the most successful ghazals of Jagjit Singh. This ghazal is still successful in spreading magic on the audience. It was used in the film Earth in 1983.

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