Chura Liya: Himansh Kohli and Anushka Sen’s song ‘Chura Liya’ released, fans went crazy after seeing romantic performances

Chura Liya : हिमांश कोहली और अनुष्का सेन का गाना 'चुरा लिया' हुआ रिलीज, रोमांटिक अदाएं देख फैंस हुए दीवाने

The pair of Himansh Kohli and Anushka Sen are seen in the song Chura Liya Hai.

The song ‘Chura Liya’ from the film ‘Yaariyan’ actor Himansh Kohli and actress Anushka Sen has been released on Tuesday. Himansh Kohli has spoken openly about the theme of the song and his experience of working with Anushka. The actor, best known for playing Raghav Oberoi in the daily soap “Humse Hai Life”, says it is a romantic track. It’s hard to explain what the real definition of love is. Regarding the experience of working with Anushka, he said that Anushka is a very funny person and also a quick learner. It was fun to pair with him. We clicked the moment we met.

This song is sung by Parampara and Sachet. Himansh Kohli calls them a lovely couple and a wonderful singer. Himansh says Parampara and Sachet are the cutest couple with whom I have interacted. They are so well matched that it feels comfortable working with regular actors. Currently, the couple are a social media sensation and I think they are one of the best singer duos in the country.

It’s always fun doing music videos

Himansh further adds that love stories connect well with the audience and all age groups who love it. Love is the least expressed emotion in real life, but the most expressed style in front of the camera. That’s because we love to see what we want and love stories excite people of all ages.

To a question whether music videos are a better way to reach fans and audience, he replied that an actor should be versatile enough to make himself relevant through any medium. Doing music videos is always fun. But when you have to mix the words, the moves and the character’s emotions with the rhythm of the song, it becomes challenging, and when it becomes challenging, it becomes an opportunity to deliver an award-worthy performance.

(Input – INS)

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