BTS: Jimin drank Soju in a live session with Jung-kook and J-Hope, said- it feels strange to spend time with family

BTS : जिमिन ने जंग-कूक और जे-होप के साथ लाइव सेशन में पिया सोजू, कहा- परिवार के साथ समय बिताना लगता है अजीब

Jimin made his birthday special

Singer Jimin of South Korea’s famous band BTS had a birthday on Wednesday. He is 26 years old now. There was a lot of craze among his fans on social media regarding his birthday. The entire social media was flooded with Jimin’s birthday wishes. Fans were curious as to how their favorite Jimin is going to celebrate his birthday. Taking care of the feelings of his fans, Jimin celebrated his birthday in a special way during the live session.

Piya Soju with friends

Jimin of the band BTS Army did a live session on social media. In this live session, Jimin interacted a little with his fans. During the conversation, Jimin requested his partner Jung-kook to join his chat. JungKook said that he is still in the gym but it did not take him long to join Jimin. Then both got involved with J-Hope. The trio then drank one shot each of soju (a Korean narcotic) together.

A BTS fan shared the translation of Jimin’s words on social media. According to that fan, singer Jimin told during the chat that he has plans for dinner with his family. He has spent 20 years of his life in Seoul. Jimin also said that he finds it a bit strange to spend time with his family on his birthday. Although Jimin this time also had dinner with his family on his birthday. But before that, he also interacted with his fans by doing a live session and during that live also took shots of Soju with the main two members of his team.

Told the heart to the fans

Jimin also shared his experiences with his BTS Army with the fans. According to the tweet translated by the fans, he said, “When I saw the army, I felt like a friend or colleague but over time I realized that now this army is more than a friend.”

Let us tell you that BTS Band, also known as Bangtan Boys, is a pop band from South Korea. Whose popularity is all over the world. There are total 7 members in this band, all the members are almost the same age.

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