Breakup Story: Shaleen-Daljit’s love story started with a very filmy style, the actress again accused of domestic violence

Breakup Story: बेहद फिल्मी अंदाज से शुरू हुई थी शालीन-दलजीत की लवस्टोरी, एक्ट्रेस ने फिर लगाया था  घरेलू हिंसा का आरोप

Daljit Kaur and Shaleen Bhanot

Breakup story: There was a lot of love between Daljit Kaur and Shaleen Bhanot. The two got married after dating each other, but the fight started after the birth of their son.

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Daljeet kaur and Shalin Bhanot breakup story: TV’s popular couples work together day by day and give heart to each other. When these stars fall in love with each other, even then everyone knows and they are separated, one of them is Shalin Bhanot and Dalljiet Kaur.

Shaleen and Daljit had their first meeting on a set, after dating each other, they were even tied in marriage, but their love came to the air at one point and both of them parted ways. Today we will introduce you to the breakup story of the couple.

How was the meeting of Daljit-Shaleen?

Let us tell you that TV’s famous actress Daljit and Shaleen first met on the set of the serial ‘Kulvadhu’. The relationship of both of them started with friendship from this show itself. But gradually this friendship started turning into love. The two dated each other for a long time before stamping their relationship.

Daljeet-Shaleen marriage in 2009

Shaleen had proposed Daljit for marriage, only after that Daljit also said yes to Shaleen and both of them married with great pomp. After this, in the year 2009, both of them got married in front of family members and some friends.

The distances started coming like this

After three years of marriage, Daljit gave birth to a son. It is said that only after the birth of the son, the distance between Shaleen and Daljit started increasing. The relationship between the two had deteriorated to such an extent that Daljeet had accused Shaleen and her family members of domestic violence. The fans were surprised at that time by this allegation of the actress.

Diljit-Shaleen’s love ended

After this, this loving couple got divorced from each other in the year 2015. Since the divorce, till now, Daljeet is raising her son Jaden on her own and has also appeared in many TV shows. Apart from this, Daljit was seen in the 13th season of the reality show Bigg Boss. Although both are still good friends for their son. Daljeet has made it clear that both of them will always be friends for their son. This is the reason why both are now seen together for the son.

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