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Breakup Story: Amit Sadh and Neeru Bajwa were about to get married, know how the heart of the actor was broken in the house of ‘Bigg Boss’

There was a time when Punjabi superstar Neeru Bajwa used to rule the heart of Amit Sadh, who ruled millions of hearts. Today we will introduce you to the breakup story of both of them-

Amit Sadh and Neeru Bajwa Breakup Story

There are countless such love stories in Bollywood which started with happiness but ended with pain. One such love story is that of Amit Sadh and Neeru Bajwa which started with vows but its ending was full of sorrow. When Amit Sadh’s heart came on Punjabi superstar Neeru Bajwa, both of them did not hide from anyone.

When the fans came to know about the separation of Neeru Bajwa and Amit, everyone was surprised. It is only after separating from Neeru that Amit Sadh has confessed many times that he is a hopeless romantic person. Today we tell you how Amit and Neeru’s love story ended.

Amit and Neeru’s affair

In 2010, the actor started his career with the film ‘Phoonk 2’. Amit and Neeru met on the sets of Guns and Roses. Their friendship turned into love and for a long time both of them had dated each other. Neeru and Amit never hid their love.

Both were often seen openly together. The couple did shows like Nach Baliye together. Both were so immersed in each other’s love that they were about to get married. Amit himself once told that both are not getting married due to focus on career. That is, the love of both had reached till marriage.

Breakup happened in Bigg Boss house


Amit Sadh and Neeru Bajwa Breakup Story

Amit and Neeru dated each other for about 8 years. Both had separated from each other in 2010. According to the news of Times, Amit’s heart was broken when he was in Bigg Boss house. It was inside the house that Amit came to know that Neeru had left him. After knowing this, he cried bitterly in the show of Bigg Boss. After coming out of Bigg Boss, it was clear that both have separated.

Amit Sadh and Neeru Bajwa breakup

Both always stood together for each other. Amit even learned to dance for Neeru. It is said that despite not being a dancer, he worked hard for Neeru. It is also said that even in professional life, he had helped Neeru Bajwa a lot.

Amit was broken

What was the reason for the separation of Neeru and Amit was never revealed. Although both of them had admitted that they are no longer together. Amit Sadh himself once said that his life was ruined after the breakup. The actor had said that he believed everything to Neeru. It was only after Neeru’s separation that Amit had turned to Bollywood.

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