Box Office Collection: James Bond film No Time To Die is winning hearts at the box office, know how much it earned

टॉम हार्डी या कोई एक्ट्रेस होगी अगली 'James Bond', जानिए कौन करेगा डेनियल क्रेग को रिप्लेस?

The film ‘No Time to Die’ has earned the world wide collection of $119 million so far. running in.

The new film of the James Bond series ‘No Time to Die’ has created panic across the world with its performance on Opening Day. The film is impressing the audience a lot with positive comments and reviews. Let us know what is the world wide box office collection of the film.

22 crores in India (No Time to Die box office)

The twenty-fifth film of the Bond series, No Time to Die, is a high budget film. Its cost is about two and a half hundred crores. Due to Corona, there was a break for almost a year on the release of the film. Talking about the Hindi rights of the film, then this film has been bought for 5 crores. Which was achieved by earning only 3 days in India.

All the parts of this series have been very much liked in India and the fans were very much awaited for this film too. The film is being well-liked in India as well. The film has so far collected a box office collection of about 22 crores in India. However, it is less than expected as theaters are still closed in Kerala and Maharashtra. In such a situation, the audience of both the states are able to see this film in that number too, the hope of winning and earning comes from there.

Especially from Maharashtra, according to statistics and popularity, big Hollywood series earns about 50 crores in India in such a time, but even in this crisis of epidemic, the audience is now waiting for their favorite film. Looking towards the cinema hall. All the Bollywood films that have been released in this havoc of COVID have suffered a lot of financial loss. The audience has shown little interest in it.

World wide film dominated

Talk about the world wide collection of the film ‘No Time to Die’, so far this film has earned $ 119 million. Plays in 772 cinemas. It is also Universal’s biggest release to date in that region.

No Time To Die – Hindi Trailer

The film was also appreciated by critics

For the fans of James Bond franchise films, ‘No Time to Die’ is special because it is the last film of Daniel Craig as James Bond actor. Which he announced recently and this news broke the hearts of his fans. . It was said that initially he was not even ready to do this film, but eventually he was persuaded. And when the film was ready, the release of the film has also been delayed due to the Corona epidemic.

Obviously, in such a situation, the enthusiasm of the audience for ‘No Time to Die’ has been more than ever. And the film is getting a lot of praise from the critics, the good thing is that the film will not disappoint you. Rather, it gives better entertainment than expected in many ways and it would not be wrong to say that Daniel’s last work for this franchise did not work as a gift for his fans. The story of this film has everything that is a bond. As you’d expect from Daniel Craig. Plus it’s a tribute to the old 007 movies.

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