Bisexual Superman: The changing world of relationships had an effect on Superman too, now bisexual will become arbitrarily

Bisexual Superman: रिश्तों की बदलती दुनिया का सुपरमैन पर भी हुआ असर, अब बाइसेक्सुअल बन करेगा मनमानी

DC Comics’ New Superman

Fans of DC Comics are spread all over the world. Readers keep a close eye on each of its editions. This comics has given many super heroes to the entertainment world.

One of those superheroes is Superman. Superman is the most popular superhero character of DC Comics. As soon as Superman is mentioned, one remembers a super hero with a curvy body flying in the air with supernatural power. Now DC Comics has made a big announcement regarding Superman. In its new version, Superman is going to be bisexual.

DC Comics is about to introduce a new Superman in the fifth issue of its series ‘Superman: Son of Kal-El’. Also, there are plans to present this new Superman as a bisexual. This was announced on October 11, the day the annual Bisexual Awareness Day event began in the US.

Will romance with mail reporter

Let us tell you that the new Superman in this new edition is Clark Kent and Lane’s 17-year-old boy Jonathan Kent. Which will be bisexual instead of straight like other superhero characters. This time too his love chemistry will be shown but with a boy. Superman will be seen falling in love with Nakamura, a male reporter. It will be interesting to see how DC brings this new style love story among the audience. This time apart from the unique love angle, what other twist is seen.

Fans have mixed reaction to DC’s decision

There has been an uproar ever since the pictures of the fifth issue of this series of DC Comics appeared on social media. There is a lot of disagreement among fans about this. This decision of DC Comics is being seen as a big change. Some fans believe that DC has taken a revolutionary decision, while some are not very happy with this decision. Although this is not the first time that DC has shown a character to be bisexual, before this such characters have been seen in ‘Batman: Urban Legend’ and ‘Aquaman: The Becoming’.

The Superman character has always been depicted as a symbol of masculinity. Superman has always been a very powerful character who stands for justice, truth and hope. With this new initiative of DC, that spirit of Superman will come among the readers-viewers, which is given very little attention.

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