Birth Anniversary: ​​Ashok Kumar was an actor as well as an astrologer, after seeing Manto’s horoscope, he told this truth

Birth Anniversary : अभिनेता के साथ-साथ ज्योतिषी भी थे अशोक कुमार, मंटो की कुंडली देख बता दिया था ये सच

Veteran actor Ashok Kumar

Today is the birth anniversary of veteran actor and filmmaker Ashok Kumar aka Dadamuni. Ashok Kumar was a great actor as well as a very interesting person. Ashok Kumar was often seen as a film actor, but many people are unaware that he was also a very brilliant astrologer. Today, on the occasion of Dadamuni’s birthday, we are going to tell you two stories related to his astrology, after listening to which you will also say that Ashok Kumar was really a good astrologer.

Dadamuni was very fond of participating in horse races. He used to use his astrology only for horse racing. It is said that Ashok Kumar never lost a penny in horse racing. Annu Kapoor tells in one of his shows that once Bimal Roy sent writer Nabendu Ghosh to Ashok Kumar to talk for the film ‘Bandani’ Was. When Nabendu was with Ashok Kumar, he saw that Ashok had written something in a slip and given it to his driver and asked him to give it to his mother. At that time Ashok Kumar’s mother used to live with his brother Kishore Kumar in their house in Juhu.

On whom Ashok Kumar used to bet, those horses used to win

Nabendu saw at that time that Ashok had written the names of some horses in the slip. The next day, on Sunday, Ashok’s mother was about to put money on the names of the horses written in the slip. Ashok told Nabendu that only these horses are going to win the race tomorrow. Nabendu asked him how did you know. He told that to his stars. Nabendu did not believe these words of Ashoka. He told Ashok that 14 horses would run tomorrow. How can you tell which horse will win?

Ashok Kumar told him that if you do not believe then you should also note down the names of these horses and go to the race tomorrow and try your luck by putting 10 rupees on any one horse, you will win 350 rupees. Nabendu noted down the names but he could not go to the race course the next day, but when he saw the newspaper to know the result of the race, he was shocked. He found that the two horses named by Ashok Kumar had won both the races. If Ashok Kumar wanted, he could have earned crores of rupees from horse racing, but his principle was that he did not spend more than 100 rupees in the race.

Seeing the horoscope of Saadat Hasan Manto, told the truth

Saadat Hasan Manto writes about Ashok Kumar in his book Meena Bazar that once Ashok Kumar asked me whether you are married? On this Manto had told him- Man when you know why are you asking? Quoting this book by Saadat Hasan Manto, Annu Kapoor says that after asking about marriage, Ashok Kumar asked Saadat that Manto, do you not have any children? On this Manto said that what is the matter, just tell me openly.

Hearing this from Manto, Ashok Kumar told him that look, whoever has this horoscope, his first child will be a boy and that boy will not be alive. Manto was shocked to hear these words of Ashok Kumar and then he told Dadamuni that his first child was a son, who had become dear to Allah even before he was one year old.

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