Bigg Boss 15: Shamita Shetty fights with Nishant and Prateek, the actress angrily gave a piece of map to the forest dwellers

Bigg Boss 15 :  निशांत और प्रतीक से हुई शमिता शेट्टी की लड़ाई, एक्ट्रेस ने गुस्से में जंगलवासियों को दे डाला मैप का टुकड़ा

bigg boss 15

It is not even a week since Bigg Boss 15 started and the drama has started. Bigg Boss OTT contestants Shamita Shetty, Nishant Bhat and Prateek Sahajpal, who live inside the house, have figured out a way from the forest dwellers to harass them. The mastermind of this game is none other than Karan Kundrra. Shamita, Nishant and Prateek were playing as a team but now Karan has created a split between the three with his plan. After which there is a fight between Shamita and Nishant.

Bigg Boss had given a task to the residents of the jungle whose map was kept hidden by Prateek. Due to this map, there had been many fights in the house. On Thursday, Karan Kundrra tells Jai Bhanushali it has been three days, these family members have taken the map but they have not done anything to trouble them yet. He tells his team that they have to do something so that the three family members can come out of their comfort zone.

Plan made to break the unity of family members

The forest dwellers make plans to break the unity of the family members. He hides Prateek’s belongings in the washroom and goes to Nishant-Shamita and says that if Prateek does not stop showing his forwardness, they will steal their belongings too.

Nishant and Shamita ask Prateek to remain calm. But he refuses to do so and says that he will break the lock of the washroom of the forest dwellers. When Shamita comes to know about this, she tells Prateek – you cannot be arbitrary in everything and gives a piece of the map to the forest dwellers.

Nishant gets angry on Shamita

When Shamita gives a piece of the map to the forest dwellers, Nishant gets angry and shouts at them. He says whatever you did Shamita was wrong. You should have asked us to do this earlier. After Nishant shouts, Shamita tells him why are you shouting at me. I want you to shout at Prateek like this. You cannot do this because you do not have the courage.

Shamita gets emotional

After the fight with Nishant, Shamita gets emotional and starts crying. After that Prateek comes and starts fighting with them. She yells at him that if you don’t care about me then I don’t care about you too.

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