Bigg Boss 15: Karan Kundrra’s heart broken due to Vishal’s deception, new groups formed at home

Bigg Boss 15: विशाल के धोखे से टूटा करण कुंद्रा का दिल, घर में बने नए-नए ग्रुप

bigg boss 15

Bigg Boss has once again dominated among the fans. This time the 15th season of the show is being presented in front of the fans. Today’s episode started with a ruckus. In this, all the family members were seen trying their best to win the poison task.

Many family members get hurt in this fight. After this everyone is seen accusing each other. The division between all the family members was clearly visible. Prateek and Nishant were seen repeatedly explaining to Shamita that you are not playing fair. Although Shamita is also seen giving her cleanliness very well.

Karan got hurt

When Karan Kundrra comes to know that Vishal has betrayed him, he is stunned. Actually, Karan was considering Vishal Kotian as his friend from the beginning. When Karan Kundra came to know about Vishal’s deception, the ground slips under his feet.

As soon as Shamita wins Vishal’s team, later Nishant tells Karan about Vishal and Shamita’s plan and then Karan Kundra questions Vishal about his deception. Later he plans to play the game with Pratik Sehajpal and Nishant Bhatt. He throws Vishal out of his group.

Karan feels very sad because of Shamita’s betrayal and he also counters Shamita and challenges her. On the other hand, Nishant Bhatt tells Karan Kundra that Vishal had told him that if Vishal and Tejashwi come to the main house, the forest dwellers will never be able to make a map. After this, Karan talks about forming a group with Nishant and Prateek. While Karan and Vishal also talk, Karan repeatedly told Vishal that whatever happened went wrong. Karan also said that if he had been in Vishal’s place, he would have told the truth. Karan is also seen giving a challenge to Vishal to come to the house. New groups have also been seen in the house.

Prateik clashes with Shamita – Ishaan

As soon as Shamita cancels the round, where Karan is seen from it, Ishaan and Prateek get quite angry with Shamita over this. Ishaan and Prateek feel bad for Shamita’s attitude and he repeatedly calls them wrong. However, even after this, Shamita is seen favoring Vishal’s team and seems to be making plans with them. However, Shamita tries to fix everything by talking to Karan. While talking to Vishal Vishwasundari, he is seen in a fun-filled style. After this, he says that he has started smelling Karan Kundra from Tejo, because she is wearing boys’ clothes.

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