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Bigg Boss 15: Afsana Khan tore Akasa’s shirt during the task, a fight broke out between the two

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Now 4 forest dwellers have entered the house of Bigg Boss 15. After winning the task, Jai Bhanushali, Tejashwi Prakash, Vishal and Akasa have become a part of the house. But still the rest of the forest dwellers will have to work hard to enter inside the house. If the rest of the forest dwellers want to go home, then the map will have to be completed. For which a lot of fighting is happening every day. In Friday’s episode too, there was a fight between Afsana Khan and Akasa.

The forest dwellers are working very hard to collect the blocks of the map so that he too can go inside the house. While collecting the blocks of the map on Friday, Afsana untied Akasa’s entire shirt. After which Akasa cried and said to Shamita – my entire shirt was exposed in front of the camera.

Shamita also misbehaved

When Akasa told this to Shamita while crying, Shamita got angry and went to Afsana. Afsana asked them to get out of their way. Shamita said in response – let’s go out. In response, Afsana called her an insolent woman.

Later Akasa donned a white jacket and she came back to play the game again. Afsana did not stop here, he also kicked Akasa. After which Akasa said that Afsana should not tear clothes. Nishant also asked the reason for kicking Afsana while Umar offered his T-shirt to Akasa.

Said this thing about Maisha

Akasa went inside the house and cried to Shamita saying that Maisha is playing very dirty. She started crying that her shirt was opened in front of the camera. Afsana said in her defense that the two buttons of your shirt are always open. Tejashwi got angry on Afsana’s talk and said – she can keep 5 buttons of her shirt open. Who is going to tell them this rumor on this matter?

Now the forest dwellers are adopting many methods to enter the house so that all the maps remain with them, while the family members are stealing the blocks of those maps so that the forest dwellers cannot come inside the house.

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