Aryan Drug Case: Explanation of BJP leader Mohan Bhanushali, who was seen with Aryan – it has nothing to do with the party, read what NCB said

Aryan Drug Case: आर्यन के साथ नजर आए BJP नेता मोहन भानुशाली की सफाई- इसका पार्टी से कोई लेना-देना नहीं, पढ़िए NCB ने क्या कहा

BJP leader Mohan Bhanushali clarified after the allegations of Minister Nawab Malik.

Nawab Malik, the cabinet minister of Maharashtra government, Aryan Khan (son of Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan).Aryan Khan Drug CaseSerious questions have been raised on the arrest made in the drug case. Nawab Malik had alleged that the person who appeared with Aryan on October 2, Mohan Bhanushali (Mohan Bhanushali), who is a BJP leader. After the allegations, Mohan Bhanushali has come forward and he has said that this whole matter has nothing to do with the party, all the allegations are completely baseless. On the other hand, according to the clarification given by the NCB after these allegations, Mohan Bhanushali has been told the punch of this case. Independent witnesses have to be present during the Panchnama and according to NCB Mohan Bhanushali is the same.

Mohan Bhanushali said in a conversation with the news agency- “NCP leader Nawab Malik has made false allegations against me. BJP has nothing to do with this (arrest). I got information on 1st October that there is going to be a drug party. I went on a cruise with NCB officials to gather more information.” However, NCB’s statement has further complicated the matter as Aryan’s photo with another person also went viral, who is said to be close to Mohan Bhanushali and a private investigator.

What is in Panchnama?

According to a TOI report, Arbaaz Merchant, who was accompanying Aryan Khan, confessed to the NCB officer that he had hidden the charas in his shoes. Arbaaz told NCB during that time that he and Aryan consume drugs and both of them are going to party in Cordilla cruise ship. Aryan had also admitted that he had been consuming charas.

Let us inform that Arbaaz and Arbaaz, although both these accused are in the custody of NCB till October 7, but Arbaaz’s lawyer Tarak Sayyed had filed an application for Arbaaz’s bail on Wednesday. Defense lawyers have obtained the Panchnama of October 2, the day eight accused were arrested inside and outside the cruise ship. Now the lawyers are going to demand to show the CCTV footage of this day in the court.

Didn’t expect Aryan to be on cruise: NCB

NCB officials claimed that they did not expect Shah Rukh Khan’s son to be on the cruise as they only got information about a rave party. A senior NCB official claimed, “When we reached the cruise, our team did not know that Aryan Khan was also there. We came to know when we entered a cabin room where he was present with his friends. Hashish was recovered from one of his friends, who was present in the cabin room with Aryan. His plan was to take drugs.

Case against Aryan is not weak

The drugs case against Aryan Khan is mainly based on two evidences. NCB officials claim that they will be enough to prove the charges. Although formally a primary medical checkup of Aryan Khan has been done. However, the authenticity of Aryan Khan’s statement given to NCB is yet to be proved in the court. The officials claimed that the second evidence against Aryan Khan is his chat.

Officials claim that Aryan Khan had already planned to take drugs and he was also invited to the party. Aryan’s friends told him about the drugs plan. Officials claimed that the first evidence also strengthens the point that Aryan Khan had taken drugs. He also said that Aryan Khan’s earlier chat also revealed that he had consumed drugs in the past as well. However, the NCB will require evidence and statements to substantiate the information obtained from the chat.

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