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Allegations against Kanika Kapoor: Kanika Kapoor caught on charges of stealing Pakistani song, the singer replied, saying- ‘This song is completely new’

Kanika Kapoor accused of stealing Pakistani song

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Bollywood’s well-known singer Kanika Kapoor is in discussion these days. The singer has been accused of stealing a Pakistani song. This allegation has been made by Pakistani singer Hadika Kiyani while claiming.

kanika kapoor name bollywood industryBollywood Industry) comes in the popular singers. These days, while Kanika was garnering praise for her new song, on the other hand, trouble came on her. Recently Kanika Kapoor (Kanika Kapoor) is facing a serious allegation. He is accused of having played Pakistani singer Hadika Kiyani (hadiqa kiani) has stolen the song. Hadika claimed that it was his original work, in which his mother wrote poetry. No one else but Hadika herself has made this allegation against Kanika.

Actually, Kanika is currently making a lot of headlines for her new song “Buhe Barian”. After the allegations against him, now has spoken openly on this matter. He has responded by pointing at the allegations leveled against him.

Let us tell you that the song has got a great response from Kanika’s fans. But Kanika is in trouble after Pakistani singer Hadika Kiyani accused her of stealing her song. Hadika has claimed that the song was his original composition. In which his mother wrote poetry.

Kanika clarified on the allegations

Putting a full stop on her allegations, Kanika says that we have made a real song. This song is brand new, no one has a cover version. If someone is claiming authority over it, then there is nothing like it. But, I had no intention of bothering anyone.

I don’t mean to steal anyone’s work: Kanika Kapoor

The singer further said that she only used the hook line of a Punjabi song. Which I have seen and heard more than 60 versions on YouTube. Apart from this, he had absolutely no intention of stealing anyone’s work. He said that I really have no idea whether it comes from Pakistan, Afghanistan or Punjab.

I respect Pakistani singers: Kanika

Further, Kanika said that I have a lot of love and respect for all the fellow singers of Pakistan. I will continue to follow and love his music.

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