After the death of Akshay Kumar’s mother, PM Modi sent a condolence message, wrote “Dear Akshay Kumar…”

अक्षय कुमार की मां के निधन के बाद पीएम मोदी ने भेजा शोक संदेश, लिखा ''प्रिय अक्षय कुमार...''

Actor Akshay Kumar himself shared the information of his mother’s death with his fans on social media on 8 September. Where now Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sent a condolence message to him.

Akshay Kumar – PM Modi

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar lost his mother on 8 September. Akshay Kumar came back to Mumbai from London to meet his mother on September 6, but his mother died on September 8. After the death of the actress’s mother, many big Bollywood stars had also reached her house to meet her. Where many big stars also wrote a tribute post for him on social media. In such a situation, now the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi has sent a condolence message to Akshay Kumar. Where the actor has shared a post related to it on his social media.

Let us tell you, Akshay Kumar has shared PM Modi’s condolence letter on social media. In this letter, PM Modi wrote, “My dear Akshay, it would have been best if I never wrote such a letter. In an ideal world such a time should never have come. I am saddened to hear about the demise of your mother, Aruna Bhatia.

Akshay’s success was mentioned

PM Modi wrote for Akshay Kumar in this special message, “You have found success after hard work, you have made your name in Bollywood with your determination. I know that you maintained the right values ​​and moral strength, from which you can easily turn adversity into opportunities and this lesson is learned from your parents. When I started my career I am sure people who came in my way were skeptical but your mother stood by you like a rock, she made sure you remain kind and humble at all times.’

Actor expressed gratitude

Sharing this message of PM Modi on social media, the actor wrote, “I am grateful to all of you for all the condolence messages received after the death of my mother. Along with this, I am grateful to the Honorable Prime Minister for taking out time and expressing my feelings for my late parents. These very comforting words will always be with me, Jai Ambe. “

Akshay Kumar returns to shooting

On September 10, two days after his mother’s death, Akshay Kumar left for London with his family. Akshay was spotted at the airport with his family. Akshay does not want any producer’s money to be wasted at such a time, due to which the actor thought it right to go back to shooting. Let us tell you, Akshay got trolled a lot on social media because of this but work is first for Akshay Kumar.

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