After Munmun Dutta, now Raj’s anger on the news of the relationship, said- because of this my life…

मुनमुन दत्ता के बाद अब रिलेशनशिप की खबरों पर राज का फूटा गुस्सा, कहा- इस वजह से मेरी लाइफ...

After Munmun Dutta, now Raj Anadkat has reacted to the news of his relationship with the actress. Raj has shared a post on social media and has made his point through it.

Raj’s reaction to the news of relationship with Munmun

Raj Anadkat and Munmun Dutta, who are playing the roles of Tappu and Babita ji in TV’s popular comedy show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, have been quite a few days. are in the limelight. A few days ago it was reported that both are in a relationship. Fans were also surprised to know this news. At first both did not give any reaction on this, but now Munmun and Raj have given their message on social media.

Munmun first said that he is ashamed of being the daughter of India, while after Munmun, now Raj has spoken on this whole matter. Raj has given a message to those who write wrongly against him that such news also affects his life.

Know what Raj wrote

Raj wrote, ‘Whoever is writing anything about me, just think about the impact that these fake stories of yours can have in my life. Are writing anything about me without knowing my opinion. Whatever creative people are writing about me, show their creativity elsewhere. May God give some understanding to those people.

Read Raj’s post here see Raj anadkat post

what did babita say

Munmun, who is playing the character of Babita ji, posted 2 posts on Sunday and during this time she took a class of people writing wrong news for herself. Munmun also said that she is ashamed to call herself the daughter of India.

In the first post, Munmun wrote, ‘How can you write anything about anyone. Do you take responsibility for what will happen in our life from these articles of yours? You are not ashamed when you take a camera on the face of a mother whose son has left her at such a young age. You surrounded the camera with the one who lost your love. Are you not ashamed?’

Read Munmun’s post here see munmun post here

In the second post, Munmun wrote that those who are writing in reverse in the comment section, those people should also think. For 13 years I have been entertaining people and in 13 minutes you have completely spoiled my image. So the next time someone is clinically depressed or someone ends their life, then definitely think whether it happened because of your words or not. Today I am ashamed of myself in the sold words of India.

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