Dilip Kumar Secret Marriage: After 16 years of marriage, Dilip Kumar married Asma Rehman, Saira Banu was very angry

Dilip Kumar Health: Saira Banu, furious over the news of Dilip Kumar's death, said- okay sir

Very few people know why Dilip Kumar married Asma after hiding from Saira Banu. So let’s know…

Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar

The love of Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu is exemplified in the film industry. Saira was 22 years younger than Dilip Kumar, but both never let age come in the way of their love. Dilip Kumar used to love Saira a lot, but after 16 years of marriage, he took a step that broke Saira Banu’s heart. Actually, Dilip Kumar wanted Saira Bano more than his life, but he secretly married Pakistani beauty Asma Rehman.

It was the 80s when there were discussions about Dilip Kumar’s second marriage everywhere, but the tragedy king always denied these reports. However, after many years, Dilip Kumar broke the silence on his second marriage and termed the marriage as his big mistake. According to online media reports, Dilip Kumar married Asma in Hyderabad. After getting married, Dilip Kumar brought her to his Pali Hill bungalow. Asma stayed there for several days, but only till Saira Banu was not aware of it.

Saira Banu was furious with the news of second marriage

When the matter of Dilip Kumar’s second wife reached the neighbors, it did not take long for this news to reach the media. Asif Ayub Sayed, the writer of a magazine called Current, broke this story, then Dilip Kumar’s second marriage started being discussed everywhere. Everyone wanted to know who did Dilip Kumar marry for the second time and why? Whenever Dilip Kumar was asked about this marriage, he would have refused. The matter was gaining momentum. When this thing reached Saira Bano’s ears, she got furious.

When Saira Banu asked Dilip Kumar about this, at first he denied, but later he told the whole truth. It is said that Saira Banu had asked Dilip Kumar to send Asma back to Pakistan.

Very few people know why Dilip Kumar married Asma after hiding from Saira Banu. Actually, even after many years of marriage, Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu did not have any children. However, it is not that this happiness has never come in his life, but luck did not allow this happiness to last for long. It was a matter of time when Saira used to work even after marriage and her stardom was touching the sky.

Second marriage was done in the desire of a child

Saira had many projects in her hands. Meanwhile, Saira Banu became pregnant, so Dilip Kumar’s happiness knew no bounds. Dilip Kumar wanted Saira not to do films during pregnancy. But Saira was sure of her commitment, so she continued working. But she had assured Dilip Kumar that she would take full care of herself. It is said that whatever happens in luck, you get the same. Neither more nor less than that. The fate of Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu also turned out to be similar. Perhaps the happiness of the child was not written in the life of both.

Once during the shooting, Saira’s health deteriorated and she had a miscarriage. When Dilip Kumar got this news, he broke down. After hearing this news, he cried so much, as if everything was out of his hands. It is said that Dilip Kumar had married Asma Rehman to get the happiness of the child, but he could not get this happiness from him too.

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There is also a wave of mourning in the political circles due to the death of Dilip Kumar, President Ram Nath Kovind said – ‘Sahib will always be alive in the heart of India’


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