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Use of Smartphone: Excessive use of smartphone is harmful for children, academicians supported this

Excessive use of smartphone is harmful for children

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Use of smartphone for children: Academics believe that excessive use of smartphone etc. should be banned, but some parents say that it is mandatory in this era of online education.

Use of Smartphone For Children: Educationists have supported Goa’s Information and Technology Minister Rohan Khunte’s statement, in which he appealed to parents not to treat their children’s smartphones as a reward. Academics believe that smartphones (Smartphone) Excessive use of etc. should be stopped, but some parents say that online education (Online Classes) It is imperative in this age of the world.

He said, “We need smartphones. (Use of Smartphone) should stop thinking of rewards for children. They should tell that this is just a tool to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions on the regular schooling system.” Responding to this, noted educationist Narayan Desai told PTI-Bhasha that “the use of equipment by the students Excessive use and abuse is something that we need to combat. educational institutions (educational institutions) Proper thinking and planning should be done at the level of

Parents are taking advice from psychologists for less mobile use

He said that parents and students cannot be completely away from the devices because of the new education policy. (NEP) Talks about using multimedia and making the child a self-learner. He claimed, “NEP emphasizes that the child should have an understanding of the instrument.”

Sanchita Pai Raikar, a resident of Goa, said that ever since online education has become a norm, children have their own devices. There is almost zero parental control on this.” Their son is studying in class V. Dr. Shekhar Salkar, former head of the Goa unit of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), said that many parents are approaching psychologists on how to reduce the use of mobile phones by children.

We Crave This Dopamine Release

He said, “Everyone agrees that there is a need for digital detoxification. It is a good thing that the idea is coming from the government, but who will actually do it is a question.” Goa Technology Association (GTA), an association of various technology-related industries, said the minister raised the right issue at the right time. Is raised.

GTA president Milind Anvekar claimed, “Winning a video game and getting ‘likes’ on a picture releases dopamine, a pleasure-inducing chemical in the brain. Its effect is similar to that caused by drinking alcohol or using drugs. Over time, we crave this dopamine release, which forces us to use technology and internet-enabled devices even more.”

He also said that it is not fair to just blame the children, as they are seeing and understanding that the phone is the most important thing, and it is up to the parents to set the right example for the children.

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