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Career in Digital Media: In the era of digital, you can make a career in digital media, you will get recognition with good salary

Career in Digital Media: If you are thinking of making a career in digital media, then before that look at some figures. Career in digital media is far better and more diverse than broadcast and print media.

Career Options in Digital Media

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Career in Digital Media: Digital media like any other sector (Career in Digital Media) It takes education, skills, experience, interest and networking to have a great career in the US. Before You Start a Career in Digital Media (Career Tips) Decide to make, let’s take a look at some statistics. 4.2 billion active digital media users globally as per ANI report (Social Media Users) Huh. Users have made digital media one of the largest industries in the world. The success of businesses around the world is now largely due to digital media marketing. (Digital Media Marketing) depends on. And, hence the career prospects in digital media are far better and more diverse than that of broadcast and print media.

Social media users versus the total population of different regions of the world clearly indicate that the use of social media is increasing rapidly across the world. Whereas in Northern and Western Europe, 79 percent of the population is actively using social media. Active social media users make up more than 69 percent of the population in South-East Asia. In 2021, 5.22 billion people owned mobile phones, 4.66 billion used the Internet and 4.2 billion people were active social media users. Active social media users account for 53.6 percent of the global population.

Demand for people with these qualifications

Digital media skills like digital advertising, social media marketing, web and app development, graphic and game designing are in high demand. Non-profit organizations also need a good number of in-house digital media experts to design crowdfunding and advocacy campaigns, healthcare, finance, retail and education sectors. After doing digital media course, one can make a career as digital journalist, digital photographer, web content writer, content developers, social media strategist, video designer and editor, and illustrator.

What to do to become a Digital Journalist

To become a digital journalist, you need to learn the fundamentals of journalism as well as digital media tools. Since digital journalists mostly report and write for news organizations and digital websites, you will need to receive additional training in writing content that reaches your audience. For better results, there is more focus on the content.

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As a digital journalist, you can get an opportunity to write a report for specific topics like business, education, glamor, politics, international affairs and sports. You can do BA in Digital and Mass Media program from media schools in India and abroad. Some media schools also offer a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication program with a digital media specialization.

Many more options apart from Content Writer

Video editors and graphic designers are in demand not only for the news and entertainment industry but also in digital marketing. As a video editor and graphic designer, your primary responsibility is to create content by adding effects, captions and visuals to audio-visual content. There are institutes that offer programs like CoB.Sc to train students in Animation and Visual Effects.

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