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This Dussehra, end these five bad habits related to investment, you will be able to make the future better

This Dussehra we can also kill some bad habits related to our investment.

Dussehra 2021: Today is the festival of Dussehra. This day is celebrated as the victory of good over evil. On this day people can also take a pledge to eliminate the evils inside them. Corona pandemic has taught us a lot. In this era, people have come to know about the importance of investing and doing financial planning for their better future. This Dussehra we can also kill some bad habits related to our investment. Let us know about them.

Do not be careless about insurance, review

Insurance is an important form of protection for most people. Most people do not think more than once while choosing insurance. But it is important to pay attention to this. The Rs 50 lakh cover you buy in your 20s may not work for your family in your 30s. So review your policy from time to time and invest in new and better options.

Don’t invest in just one place

People find it comfortable and better to be with the same thing. This is not true in case of investment. This does not make your portfolio better. Don’t put your entire investment in just one place while planning investments. It is better to increase your portfolio and put money in different places. This will reduce the risk and make the future secure.

invest for your goals

Most people start investing because people have asked them to do so. However, this is not correct. You should invest keeping in mind your goals. Understand that investments are made to build a better and secure future. This is not the only way to earn money easily. So decide your financial goals and then invest accordingly.

Know where you are investing

Before investing, make sure that you are fully aware of where you are investing your money. You should know the shares in which you are investing. Or find out the details about mutual funds or any scheme. This is a good financial habit. This will help you to take the right decision.

Discuss your investments with family

Investing is a personal decision. But if you tell about it to your family or close friends, it will be better. Which stocks and funds have you invested in or which health insurance cover have you bought? If you discuss about it with your close people, it will be easier. In the event of some untoward incident in the future, your family will know what all you have invested for them.

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