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This country is facing a huge shortage of nurses, those who search for nurses will get a commission of 12 thousand dollars

Resignation due to extreme pressure during the global pandemic.

Amid the growing demand for healthcare workers globally due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is such a shortage of nurses in Singapore’s hospitals and clinics that a private hospital group has hired 12-12 thousand personnel to help find and recruit experienced nurses. Singapore Dollar has been offered.

The hospital has also offered to pay at least 3,600 Singapore dollars to personnel helping to locate and recruit recently graduated nurses, media here said on Thursday. Kovid-19 has made the problem of nurse shortage more serious. “There is a huge demand for nurses everywhere,” an administrative official of a private hospital group told The Straits Times on condition of anonymity. They leave for better jobs, as they have little chance of getting permanent residency in Singapore. They have no future here.”

Nurses left their jobs on a large scale during the Corona period

For the first time in Singapore, the number of nurses decreased last year and this year the situation is even worse. Many healthcare workers have resigned due to the extreme pressure and working hours during the global pandemic, while some foreign nurses have moved home or elsewhere.

foreign nurses have gone back to their country

Dr. Noel Yeo, Chief Operating Officer, IHH Healthcare Singapore, said, “Many of our foreign workers have moved to another country or returned home. The local workers who are left are exhausted due to excessive working hours and need rest.” IHH Healthcare Singapore covers four hospitals. For this reason, the hospital group had to offer to find more nurses and pay fees to the personnel who recruited them.

The demand for health continues to grow

Associate Professor Yong Keng Kwang, group chief nurse of the National Healthcare Group (NHG), told ‘The Straits Times’ that the increase in cases of Kovid-19 increases demand for health services and personnel and the resignation of personnel at Ace is difficult. Is.

2079 new cases of infection were reported on Wednesday

Meanwhile, 2079 new cases of infection were reported in Singapore on Wednesday and six people died. So far 257510 people have died in the country and 678 people have died.

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