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The stock market fell for the fourth consecutive day, Sensex closed down by 276 points, IT stocks fell

Markets fall for the fourth consecutive day

Smallcap stocks have suffered the most in Wednesday’s trading, while the biggest fall in the sector has been seen in the IT sector. During trading, a recovery of about 600 points was also recorded in the Sensex after a fall of about 1100 points from the upper levels.

The trend of decline in the stock market has continued for the fourth consecutive session. Although the stock market today ( Stock Market Today)It has also been able to recover a considerable part of its losses. Sensex and Nifty in Wednesday’s tradingSensex and Nifty) have closed with a decline of about half a percent. The main reason for the fall in the market is the continued selling by foreign investors. Due to weak signals for the equity markets, foreign investors are selling in the stock markets and investing in more safe gold and bonds. In Wednesday’s trading, the Sensex fell by 276 points at the level of 54088 and the Nifty closed at the level of 16167 with a fall of 73 points. In today’s business, the highest selling has been registered in IT stocks. Whereas small stocks (small cap stocks fall) also dominated the selling.

how was today’s business

The stock market started today with a gain and in early trade, the Sensex reached the day’s high of 54,598 against the previous closing level of 54,364, which was a gain of more than 230 points from the previous closing level, although at the upper levels. With the arrival, there was a decline in the stock and the Sensex reached the day’s low of 53,519, that is, the Sensex fell 1079 points from the upper levels, with the help of buying at the lower levels, the market saw a recovery and the Sensex lowered the level of the day. Closed with an improvement of 569 points, along with recovery, the index also saved the level of 54 thousand. Today, about 2600 stocks have seen a decline on BSE, while only 800 stocks closed with gains. Upper circuit was also engaged in 11 stock today. The decline in the stock market continues due to signals from foreign markets, many factors such as Russia Ukraine crisis, crude oil, Federal Reserve signals, rising inflation are creating pressure on the equity market, due to which there is a loss in stocks. . According to Malay Thakkar, Technical Research Associate, GEPL Capital, Nifty remains close to the level of 16 thousand and despite the decline, it has been successful in saving this level. According to him, the index can currently trade between 16000 and 16400. The level of 16400 is important for any growth and if Nifty moves above this level then further levels of 16650 and 16850 are possible.

Where was the loss, where was the gain

In Wednesday’s trading, the biggest losses have been seen in small stocks. Smallcap 50, Smallcap 250, and Nifty Smallcap 100 have fallen by more than 2.5 percent as compared to a decline of about half a percent in Nifty 50. The lowest loss was in Nifty Next 50, the index closed with a fall of 0.11 percent today. Today all the indices in the broad market have closed in the red mark. At the same time, the biggest decline in the sector has been recorded in the IT sector. The index has fallen 1.24 percent today. There has been a decline of 0.69 percent in the FMCG sector, 0.91 percent in the auto sector, 0.53 percent in public sector banks, 0.7 percent in consumer durables. On the other hand, the banking sector closed with a gain of 0.61 percent, the financial services sector 0.28 percent and the realty sector 0.73 percent.

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