Started business with only 10 thousand rupees, two friends with Trim Trim are now earning lakhs of rupees every month

Started business with only 10 thousand rupees, two friends with Trim Trim are now earning lakhs of rupees every month

Daya Arya and Upendra Yadav

Daya Arya and Upendra Yadav are two friends who studied together and then later started their own small business. While Daya is a resident of Bulandshahr, Upendra belongs to Aligarh. Both completed their MBA studies in the year 2012 and started working. Both worked for about a year and then made up their mind to start their own business. Sorry, the start didn’t go well. Together, both of them tried their hand in many things but they did not get success in any. After stumbling several times, both got up once again and made up their mind to start another work. This time he first saw his budget and then tried to know about the mood of the market.

Started business at a nominal cost of 10-20 thousand rupees

In India becoming digital, he also found the same thing most effective, which most people are feeling. Yes, Daya and Upendra saw that the present time is of digital marketing. After much thought, both of them started their work in the field of digital marketing and started selling T-shirts online. Daya Arya, while talking to TV9 Bharatvarsh, told that he started this start-up with only 10-20 thousand rupees and named it Trim Trim Store. To sell T-shirts, he bought ready-made T-shirts from other merchants and also got the printing done by others on the demand of customers.

If the earnings increased, then got your printing unit installed

Daya told that the business started in a small budget started growing slowly. He told that initially he used to sell goods through his website and then gradually got associated with other online shopping platforms as well. A large number of orders started coming to Daya continuously and then the earnings also started increasing gradually. When the earnings increased, Daya and Upendra got a printing unit set up together. With the installation of a printing unit, there was a direct increase in the earnings of the start-up. Because the extra cost that goes into getting the printing done by others, now it started saving directly. This had a direct impact on earnings and there was a significant increase in it.

Start-up started in March 2019

Started in March 2019, Daya and Upendra sell a variety of fabrics, which are printed on the customers’ choice. However, the thing that became the biggest hit in this business is the T-shirt. Daya told that T-shirt is the most important thing in our clothes, which we wear in summer, we also wear it under sweater or jacket in winter. Apart from this, there are many states in India where there is no winter at all. In such a situation, the people there wear only T-shirts throughout the year.

Turnover of Rs 95 lakh in first year

According to Daya, his T-shirts are made from 100% cotton fabrics. Earlier, where these people used to buy ready-made T-shirts and get them printed by taking them to others. At the same time, now Daya and Upendra also buy clothes themselves, just get others to do the work of getting it sewn in different sizes. He himself has started the work of printing. Daya told that in the year 2020/21, the turnover of his start-up was Rs 95 lakh, which is expected to be 1.5 to 2 crore next year.

Daya told that her business is growing slowly now. So, he adopted a very great way to increase his work. To increase the business, Daya and Upendra tied-up with many people, who are buying products from them and selling them in their names. In this way, their goods are now slowly being sold all over the country.


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