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Q4 Dividend: Where is the dividend divided this week to the investors, know how much they earned

Where is the dividend distributed to investors this week?

Dividend is a good way to earn extra in the stock market, which is why a large section of investors in the market prefer investing in dividend stocks. Generally, dividend income is very important for long term investors, big investors.

Share Market (stock marketThe season of results is on. Companies in their March quarter (Quarterly Results) is releasing data related to the performance. The eyes of the market are on the profit and loss of the company, then the eyes of the common investors are on the fluctuations in the stock after the results. However, investors taking the market seriously are also eyeing how much dividend the company has.Dividend) is announcing. Actually, there are two ways to earn in the stock market. In the first method, earnings are earned from the fluctuations in the stock. And the other is dividend income. Dividends received by the company are an important source of earnings for long-term investors. This is the reason why a large section of investors are looking for dividend stocks while looking for stocks to invest in the market. That is, stocks of such companies which have been giving high dividend in recent years. How important dividends are for big investors, this shows that due to the announcement of dividend by Titan, veteran investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has earned Rs 34 crore in a year through just one company. Let us tell you which big companies have announced dividend this week.

Dividend divided to investors this week

Reliance Industries has released its results on Friday. In which he has declared a dividend of Rs 8 per share to the investors. Along with this, Tata Steel has declared a dividend of Rs 51 per share. At the same time, Tata Power also announced a final dividend of Rs 1.75 per share. The NSE board has declared a dividend of Rs 42 per share to its investors. Which is a dividend of 4200 percent on the face value of Re 1 share. On the other hand, Canara Bank has declared a dividend of Rs 6.5 per share. Federal Bank will also give a final dividend of Rs 1.8 per share to its investors for the last financial year. Happiest Minds has declared a dividend of Rs 2 per share in its quarterly results. At the same time, Indus Tower has announced a dividend of Rs 11 per share for its investors. Cholamandalam Investment is also going to pay a dividend of Rs 0.7 per share. Along with this, Blue Dart has announced a dividend of Rs 35 per share for the financial year ending March 2022.

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what is dividend

Profit making companies share some part of their income with them from time to time to win the trust of their investors. Which is called dividend. Paying dividend is not mandatory. Generally, such cash rich companies, where there is not much growth in the stock, reward the investors for sticking with them by distributing high dividends. The company can distribute dividend more than once in a financial year. Which is called interim dividend. The benefit of dividend is more for those investors who had bought a significant number of shares long back. Such investors are assured a good earning annually through dividends. Companies announce a record date for dividend. Till this date, those who own the shares can get the dividend. Where dividends or dividends are a source of additional income for the investors, on the other hand they also indicate that the financial position of the company is strong and it can distribute some part of its earnings among the investors.

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