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Now 6 airbags required for 8 seater vehicle, this rule may be applicable from October

Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said that now there are 6 airbags for an 8-seater vehicle. It is believed that this rule will be implemented from October 2022.

6 airbags required for 8 seater vehicle.

The central government is going to make it mandatory to have at least six airbags in eight passenger-carrying vehicles to increase safety. Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari said in a series of tweets on Friday that vehicle manufacturers will have to increase the number of airbags in vehicles to ensure the safety of occupants. They will be asked to install a minimum of six airbags in vehicles with a capacity of up to eight passengers. According to Gadkari, he has recently approved the draft notification to make six airbags mandatory in eight-passenger vehicles. It is believed that the new rule will be implemented by October.

Gadkari said that in order to keep the passengers safe by minimizing the impact of head-on collisions and side-to-side collisions, it has been decided that four other airbags should also be provided in the vehicles. Gadkari said, “By providing two side airbags in the rear seat and two tube airbags, the journey will be made safe for all the passengers.

Important decision regarding the safety of the passenger

This is an important step to make motor vehicles more safe in India. He said that the move to increase the number of airbags would go a long way in ensuring the safety of all types of vehicles and occupants of vehicles of all price ranges.

47984 people died in road accidents in 2020

According to government data, in the year 2020, a total of 1.16 lakh road accidents occurred on national highways in which 47,984 people died. Gadkari had said last year that even small cars, which are mainly preferred by the lower middle class, should have proper airbags to save the lives of the people sitting in them in case of an accident. He had said that car manufacturers provide eight airbags only in large cars with high prices.

Prices may increase up to Rs 4000

Gadkari had said that small cars are mostly bought by the lower middle class families but due to not having enough airbags in them, the chances of death in case of accidents increase. However, he had said that with more airbags, the prices of cars could increase by up to Rs 4,000.

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