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North Western Railway earned Rs 80.33 crore by selling junk, got 66 percent more revenue than last year

North Western Railway earns Rs 80.33 crore by selling junk

Many works are being done by the Railways to dispose of the unusable and useless scrap in the railway premises, so that their removal can increase the safety as well as ensure cleanliness in the premises. With the guidelines and efforts of Shri Vijay Sharma, General Manager, North Western Railway, North Western Railway has earned an income of Rs.80.33 crore by selling unused and lying scrap in the first six months of the financial year 2021-22. It is also worth mentioning here that this achievement has been achieved this year after no auction of scrap in the month of May due to second wave of Corona.

Earnings increased by 66 percent compared to last year

According to Captain Shashi Kiran, Chief Public Relations Officer of North Western Railway, work is being done by the Warehousing Department under the campaign to remove and sell the old junk from the field units. The Department of Warehousing received revenue by disposing of scrap schools worth Rs 80.33 crore on North Western Railway till September of the financial year, which is 66 percent more than last year in the month of September 2020-21, compared to 48.39 crore.

Railway premises got cleaned due to junk

Due to these efforts of the Railways, where there has been an increase in the cleanliness of the railway premises, on the other hand the security of the railways has also increased. For the disposal of scrap, new technologies are being used by the Stores Department, which include track management system and drone survey. The target of zero scrap has been set by the North Western Railway by the end of the year 2021-22.

Northern Railway earned Rs 227.71 crore from junk

Ashutosh Gangal, General Manager, Northern Railway, said last month that at the end of the third quarter, Northern Railway has earned a revenue of Rs 227.71 crore from the record sale of scrap. This is 146% higher than the revenue of Rs 92.49 crore earned over the corresponding period of last financial year. Looking at the sales made last year, this year’s sales can be considered a big achievement for the Railways. Northern Railway has now come on top among all Indian Railways and PSUs in terms of scrap sales.

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