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Know what is P-notes, through which investment reached 43-month high

Investments are made in the Indian market through P-notes without registration.

P-notes That is, investment in the Indian market through Participatory Note increased to Rs 1.02 lakh crore by the end of October. This is the highest level of 43 months. P-notes are issued by Registered Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs). Registered FPIs issue P-notes to overseas investors who wish to invest in the Indian market without registration. However, they have to go through a proper process.

Talking about participant notes, any kind of capital gains or dividend money goes directly into the hands of the investor. FIIs i.e. Foreign Institutional Investors are SEBI registered. They give an opportunity to retail investors from other countries to invest in the Indian market. Retail foreign investors invest in the Indian market only by buying P Notes. It is believed that the money that comes through P Notes is invested for the short term.

Value of investment Rs.1,02,553 crore

According to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) data, the value of P-note investments in Indian markets (equity, debt and hybrid securities) stood at Rs 1,02,553 crore at the end of October. This is the highest level since March 2018. Then an investment of Rs 1,06,403 crore was made through P-notes. Abhay Agarwal, Founder and Fund Manager, Piper Serica, a SEBI-registered Portfolio Management Services company, said that in October, total investment through P Note increased by Rs 5,000 crore to a new high of Rs 1.02 lakh crore. Gaya.

Value of equity investment increased by Rs 7,000 crore

“What is even more interesting is that the value of equities increased by about Rs 7,000 crore, while the value of investment in bonds fell by Rs 2,000 crore. This change in the stance of FPIs is not surprising, as they feel that long-term interest rates have come down and inflationary pressures will force the Reserve Bank to increase rates in 2022.

when was it worth

Value of investment at September end 97,751 crore, August end August 97,744 crore, July end 85,799 crore, June end June 92,261 crore, May end 89,743 crore, April end 88,447 crore and March end 89,100 crore crore was.

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