KFC closed the sale of french fries due to this, apologized to the customers

KFC closed the sale of french fries due to this, apologized to the customers

KFC not selling french fries in Japan

KFC has faced difficulties in last week’s Japan. Because of this, even the fans of KFC were disappointed. The reason is the shortage of potatoes. French fries had disappeared from fast-food menus due to a shortage of potatoes. KFC had to deal with the crisis of potato shortage because of the disruption in the route through which it sourced potatoes for its consumption.

KFC customers expressed their disappointment on not getting french fries on social media. Almost every KFC branch in Japan has taken French fry off their menu. New shipments of potatoes are facing difficulties in arrival due to shipping and logistical crisis. Because of this, KFC has stopped selling French fries for the time being.

Sale can start from this day

KFC Japan is expected to start selling French fries again on October 21. However, the availability of potatoes remains uncertain and the product availability may vary from branch to branch of KFC. Japan KFC Holdings announced on October 8 that Kentucky French Fries and other potato products would be temporarily unavailable for sale at some of its stores.

KFC apologizes

According to the notice of KFC, “At present there is a delay in the import of goods due to disruption of the global distribution network due to the impact of coronavirus infection. Therefore, ‘Aloo’ products will be temporarily unavailable at some stores. KFC had hoped that by October 12, the situation would return to normal. The company had also apologized to its customers for this. The pandemic has caused problems for the shipping and logistics industries around the world.

Even before this, the sale of french fries has stopped

However, this is not the first time that KFC in Japan has banned the sale of french fries. According to AFP, KFC also stopped selling fry in 2015. The problem then arose due to industrial disputes and potato exports from the US affecting Japan’s fast food market. Now once again due to the shortage of potatoes, the sale of french fries has stopped in Japan.

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