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India can become a hub for vehicle scrapping, aiming to develop a large number of scrapping centres: Gadkari

Aims to make the country the hub of Southeast Asia in vehicle scrapping

According to the Union Minister, many authorized centers for collecting junk vehicles can be opened within a city, which will have the right to deregister the vehicle.

Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari (Nitin Gadkari) said on Saturday that it wants to develop at least one vehicle scraping (junk) center within a radius of 150 km from each city centre. In an event organized here, Gadkari said that the country has the potential to become the vehicle scrapping hub of the entire South Asia region. National Vehicle Scrappage Policy (Vehicle Scrappage Policy) is an important initiative for the Indian transport sector and through this, new and less polluting vehicles will be brought in a phased manner by replacing old and useless vehicles. Along with this, the Union Minister said that in the next two years, electric vehicle (EV) in the countryelectric vehicles) will increase to 3 crore.

Trying to make India a scrapping hub

Gadkari said at the event organized on Friday, “My aim is to set up a vehicle scraping center within a radius of 150 km from all city centres.” Who will have the right to terminate the registration of the vehicle. He said that the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has formulated the Vehicle Scrap Policy in such a way that investors of all types and sizes will get an opportunity to come and open junk hubs. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while launching the National Vehicle Scapage Policy in August last year, had said that through this, obsolete and polluting vehicles will be taken out of circulation. Gadkari said in this program, India can become the center of vehicle scraping in the entire South Asia region. We can import used vehicles from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka for scrapping in our country.

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The number of EVs in the country increased to 3 crore in 2 years

Along with this, Nitin Gadkari said that the number of electric vehicles in the country will increase to 30 million in the next three years. He informed that at present there are 12 lakh electric vehicles in the country. By December, their number will increase to 40 lakh. He encouraged the startups of the EV sector and said that he likes when small startups challenge big brands in the EV segment. He said that at present 250 startups are working in the EV segment. And some of them are performing much better too.

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