If you are doing family planning, keep these things in mind, baby will be born comfortably and you will also not be upset

If you are doing family planning, keep these things in mind, baby will be born comfortably and you will also not be upset

There is also a waiting period for every policy.

If you are doing family planning, then at present it is important that you have adequate medical insurance. Apart from this, there are many types of expenses. This expense starts with the planning of the child. After that the child is born and the medical expense continues for the next few months. In such a situation, if family planning is not done properly, then it can also become a financial burden.

In such a situation, Maternity Insurance is a very useful medical insurance. However, no insurance company has come up with a separate special maternity insurance product in their country so far. It is a part of your basic health insurance. It should also be kept in mind that OPD is also very expensive from the beginning of planning and before delivery. Expenses like going to the doctor every month, many types of tests, medicines are normal. This expense is not covered by any insurance.

Know how companies cover maternity

In such a situation, if you are planning a baby, then find out from all the insurance companies whether their policy covers maternity or not. If maternity is being covered in a policy, then what and how much amount does it cover. Be sure to know such things first. There are many companies in the market like Bajaj Allianz, Bharti AXA Health Insurance, Star Health Insurance which provide different coverage and facilities regarding maternity.

Decide the hospital in advance and estimate the cost

If you choose such a special policy, then first decide in which hospital the child will be born. What is the cost of both the normal delivery and the birth of a child with the help of operation in that hospital. Apart from this, what are the additional expenses in both the cases.

The charge of normal delivery is about 50 thousand rupees

Gurdeep Singh of Bajaj Allianz said in a report published in Mint that the cost of normal delivery in any good hospital is around 50 thousand and the cost of operation is close to 75 thousand. However, this budget is also higher when the medical application increases. Singh said that in his country it is covered in health insurance. In such a situation, before buying a policy, find out how much is its sub-limit. How much money the insurance company will give you in the name of cover for normal delivery, caesarean cover, room charge, doctor charge, medical expense.

30 days prior expenses are also covered

Also, be aware that the waiting period is different for different insurance companies. Only then does she cover maternity. According to the IRDAI guidelines, the expenses up to 30 days before hospitalization are covered under maternity expense. Many policies also cover emergency ambulance charges.

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