Good news on the employment front before the festive season, there was a 57 percent jump in employment in September

Good news on the employment front before the festive season, there was a 57 percent jump in employment in September

The software services sector registered a growth of 138 percent on a year-on-year basis.

The Indian job market grew by 57 per cent year-on-year in September. JobSpeak’s latest report states that the record-making process of the Indian job market continued for the third consecutive month in September. With a total of 2,753 employment placements, this index has increased by 21 per cent as compared to pre-Covid levels in September 2019.

Naukri JobSpeak is a monthly index that calculates and records placement activities on the basis of job listings on the website month-to-month. JobsJobSpeak aims to measure recruitment activity across different industries, cities and experience levels. On a year-on-year basis, most sectors displayed significant annual growth led by IT (138 per cent) and hospitality (over 82 per cent).

The demand for IT professionals has increased

“The recent wave of digital transformation among Indian organizations has fueled the demand for technical professionals. IT-Software/Software Services sector registered a growth of 138 per cent in September, 2021 on a year-on-year basis. The report said that sectors like hospitality i.e. hotels (82 per cent) and retail (more than 70 per cent) were the most affected by the pandemic. September saw significant growth on an annual basis with many hotels and stores reopening across the country.

53% jump in education sector

Recruitment activity has also increased in the education (53 per cent), banking/financial services (43 per cent) and telecom/ISP (over 37 per cent) sectors as compared to September 2020. Metros registered an annual growth of 88 per cent in September, surpassing Tier II cities. These cities saw an increase of 30 per cent.

3 percent jump in September compared to August

According to a JobSpeak report, there has been an increase of three per cent in September recruitments as compared to August’s 2,673. Pawan Goel, Chief Business Officer,, said, “There are a lot of recruitment activities happening in India like never before. It is indeed heartening to see the recovery of industries at the start of the festive season due to the demand for IT professionals.

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