Esri India is making drone mapping easy, all the data is stored in India so that there is no danger

Esri India is making drone mapping easy, all the data is stored in India so that there is no danger

ESRI India has launched cloud based drone mapping software. It is named Site Scan for ArcGIS. In this, all the data is secured and stored in the cloud based in India.

Hosting on the cloud approved by the Government of India.

Esri India, the country’s leading Geographic Information System (GIS) software and solutions provider, today launched SiteScan for ArcGIS, a fully cloud-based drone mapping solution. This solution includes flight planning, data capture, data processing, analysis data sharing and drone fleet management. At the same time, it has been introduced as a ‘Software Service’ (SaaS) with unlimited storage and computing.

Site Scan for ArcGIS is hosted in India on a cloud validated by the Government of India and ensures that all drone data is stored and processed within India in compliance with government regulations. Site Scan for ArcGIS demonstrates the capability to process the data captured by most drones manufactured in India or abroad. The recent announcement of new Drone Rules 2021 by the Ministry of Civil Aviation simplified the procedures, after which it has become much easier to operate drones in India. Reduced compliance required.

Data collection made easy with drones

New geospatial data guidelines, announced by the Department of Science and Technology in early February this year, govern the collection, processing and storage of geospatial data. These landmark policy announcements have made it easier to collect geo-spatial data through drones, which is crucial for the success of government schemes such as Swamitva, Smart City Programme, Bharatmala Project, Interlinking of Rivers, National Mission for Clean Ganga. will play a role. With the automation and scalability of Site Scan for ArcGIS, data collected via drones can now be processed quickly, cost-effectively and with minimal human intervention, eliminating any disruption during processing.

Cost will come down in time

This will result in a significant reduction in cost and time for its users from drone service providers to critical infrastructure organizations , governments and enterprises . Agendra Kumar, Managing Director, Esri India said that with the new Drone Rules 2021, geo-spatial data creation through drones will give a boost to our country. He said there is a need for a solution that simplifies drone flying, data capture, processing and consumption. Site Scan for ArcGIS hosted on a government approved cloud in India meets these requirements and provides the much needed manageability , reliability , scalability and cost efficiency for drone data processing . SiteScan is a great promoter of our partner community and many drone service providers.

This company provides GIS service

With Site Scan for ArcGIS , organizations involved in construction , engineering , utility , natural resources and government agencies will be able to easily capture high – resolution imagery to investigate , visualize , analyze and make decisions based on new information . The acquired 2D and 3D information can be further transmitted as secure services and can be easily consumed anywhere, anytime on any device. A secure, highly available and scalable cloud platform ensures that drone data processing is not limited by hardware. Esri India Technologies Private Limited (Esri India) is an end-to-end Geography Information System (GIS) solution provider that enables clients to think and plan geographically to take timely, well-informed and mission critical decisions. Is .

The market leader in GIS technology

The ESRI ArcGIS system serves as the back bone for country mapping , spatial analysis and all GIS needs . A market leader in GIS technologies, Esri India has successfully delivered state-of-the-art GIS solutions to over 5000 customers for applications in land management, water, utilities, infrastructure, disaster management, telecommunications, urban development, smart cities, transportation, defense and natural have done. Established in 1996, Esri India is headquartered in Noida (Delhi-NCR) with several regional offices across India. The company has been recognized as one of the best companies in India to work for in 2021 by the Great Place to Work Institute.

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