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Elon Musk is preparing to remove Parag Agarwal from the post of Twitter CEO, while Parag’s wife helped Musk for 3000 crores for this deal.

Anderson Horowitz will invest $400 million.

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Parag’s wife Vinita Agarwal is a general partner in American investment firm Anderson Horowitz. This company has decided to help Elon Musk for $ 400 million. Elon Musk has raised $7 billion with the help of 18 such investors.

Elon Musk (Elon Musk) has announced the purchase of Twitter for $ 44 billion. At present, they are busy preparing to raise this fund. Recently, there was news that with the help of 18 investors, he has raised a fund of $ 7 billion. With the help of this, they will now deposit $ 27 billion in cash at the individual level. According to media reports, this $ 7 billion fund raising also includes the name of the company in which Parag’s wife Vinita Agarwal works. Vinita Agarwal American investment firm Anderson Horowitz (Andreessen Horowitz) as a General Partner. It is one of the top venture capital firm in America. This company invests in start-ups as well as established companies. Anderson Horowitz has decided to give $ 400 million or about Rs 3000 crore to Elon Musk. In this way, Anderson Horowitz will also be the new promoter of Twitter along with Elon Musk.

Anderson Horowitz is one of the venture capital companies that financially supported Facebook from the very beginning. Regarding this deal, company co-founder Ben Horowitz said that Elon Musk is the only person in the world who can not only solve the problem of Twitter, but can strengthen its identity.

Musk is not happy with Twitter’s management

By the way, Elon Musk has said in the past that he is not happy with the management of Twitter. In such a situation, it is believed that Parag Agarwal will be leaving Twitter as soon as Musk arrives. Parag was made the CEO of Twitter five months ago after the departure of Jack Dorsey.

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allegation of irregularity

Anderson Horowitz funded Facebook a long time ago. However, there have been many allegations against the company. Anderson Horowitz also invested in companies like Oculus VR, which was later bought by Meta i.e. Facebook. Many questions were raised regarding this deal. The company is currently working on legal advice in this matter.

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