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Big business leaders of the country became aggressive against the e-commerce policy of the Government of India

Big business leaders of the country became aggressive against e-commerce policy

Prominent business leaders of the country are openly protesting against the e-commerce policy of the Government of India. Today 33 prominent business leaders from all the states of the country gave a joint statement under the aegis of Confederation of All India Traders (CAT). In their joint statement, they said, “The rules are being ignored with utmost gusto due to the absence of any government policy and no clarity in the FDI rules.”

E-commerce is like a nightmare for merchants

Simultaneously, the lax and monotonous attitude of the concerned government departments has allowed foreign-invested e-commerce companies to treat India’s e-commerce landscape as a free-playing field, the statement further said. Where they have a free hand to make their own rules, the small businessmen of the country have to bear the brunt. The sad thing is that till now no meaningful step has been taken by the government to stop their evils and no action has been taken in the direction of curbing their evil practices. This is nothing less than a nightmare for the traders of the country.

CAT Chairman gave this big statement

CAT National President B.C. Bhartia and General Secretary Praveen Khandelwal said in a statement on Sunday, “We are deeply sorry that we have to issue such a statement after waiting for almost 5 years in anticipation of concrete action from both the central and state governments. . It seems that along with the government, there are no businessmen in the priority of any political party. No political party has even spoken a word on the malpractices perpetrated by foreign-invested e-commerce companies. It is most surprising that US senators have taken cognizance of the malpractices being done by Amazon in India but so far no government department or ministry has paid any attention to it. The business community feels cheated by foreign funded e-commerce companies.”

Expectations from Prime Minister Narendra Modi

He said, “We have full hope from Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he has been speaking from time to time for the upliftment of small businesses and has not been lagging behind in his advocacy. Business in Gujarat grew significantly during his tenure as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Even after becoming the Prime Minister, he has accepted many demands of the traders. But unfortunately the bureaucratic system has greatly distorted his vision of small businesses. Pension to traders, formation of National Traders Welfare Board, insurance for traders, simplified GST, Mudra Yojana and many other steps were taken by him, but it is very sad that all the schemes got very distorted and GST is the most complex tax. became one of the system. We have sought an appointment with Prime Minister Modi and we are sure that he will take necessary steps.

Traders across the country gave employment to 40 crore people

The signatories of the joint statement said that about 8 crore traders of the country are giving employment to about 40 crore people and doing an annual business of about 115 lakh crores. Despite this, this sector, which is a major contributor to the economy, has been badly neglected. They all know that the business community is providing good services to the country but this sector is deprived of any policy till date. We have decided that if vote bank politics is going on, then traders will have no problem in converting themselves into vote banks.

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