Bihar: Nurse’s handiwork came to the fore in Muzaffarpur’s SKMCH, if she did not give a thousand rupees in Bakshish, then the daughter was given instead of the son

Bihar: मुजफ्फरपुर के SKMCH में नर्स की करतूत आई सामने, बख्शीश में नहीं दिए हजार रुपए तो बेटे के बदले थमा दी बेटी

A surprising incident has come to light from a big government hospital in Bihar. Here the nurse changed the woman’s child after not getting a thousand rupees and gave her a daughter instead of a son.

The nurse changed the child in the hospital. (signal picture)

The handiwork of a nurse has come to the fore in SKMCH of Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Here the nurse changed a woman’s child for not getting one thousand rupees and gave her a daughter instead of a son. The matter is of Matri-Shishu Sadan of SKMCH. Where the nurse had changed the child of the woman. It is being told that Pooja Devi, a resident of Bula village, was brought to SKMCH for delivery. On Sunday night, Pooja gave birth to a son. After this, nurse Sunita Kumari started asking for one thousand rupees in the form of Bakshish.

Nandu Kumar, family of Pooja Devi, told that due to not having Rs 1,000, he somehow collected Rs 800 and gave it to Sunita, after which he handed over the child to Pooja. The next day on Monday morning, when the child was taken out of the cloth to apply oil, the daughter came out. After that, the family started looking for the nurse in the hospital.

Hospital is telling human error

After a lot of research, it was found that Sunita had replaced Pooja’s son with the daughter of Sujata Devi, a resident of Kudhni. Sujata herself had told that she had a daughter. But nurse Sunita had brought the son to him and put him to sleep. When the newborn urinated in the morning, after that it came to know that it is a boy and not a girl.

After this, when Puja Devi’s relatives created a ruckus, her son was returned. In the matter, SKMCH Superintendent Dr. BS Jha told that this is a human error. This has not been done intentionally. He said that no one is allowed to take money in the name of money or sweets as a reward after the birth of a child in the hospital. Those workers who are doing this will be investigated.

Along with this, he has said that if the victim’s family makes a written complaint, then after investigation of the case, action will be taken against the worker found guilty. He said that if this is a human error, then it should not be given much importance. Here, after the children reached the right mother, both the mothers breathed a sigh of relief.

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