What is the difference in size between Swift, WagonR and Tata Punch, read all the details here

Swift, WagonR और Tata Punch में कितना है साइज का फर्क, यहां पढ़ें सभी डिटेल

Ever since the introduction of Tata Punch, the segment of hatchback vehicles has created a stir. The big reason for this is that the punch gives the look and feel of the SUV in the package of the hatchback, not just a hatchback. That’s why we are comparing this vehicle with Swift and WagonR today.

Tata’s SUV-looking hatchback punch

Tata’s SUV looking buggy HBX, being called Mini Harrier, has been launched by the company in the market a few days ago under the name of Punch. This car was being awaited for a long time. The big reason for this was the look and feel of the car, which is like an SUV in appearance, and seeing this car from the front, everyone will be forced to call it a mini Harrier.

Ever since the glimpse of this vehicle has been shown by Tata. The biggest question in people’s mind is about its size. Everyone wants to know how big it will be. Is it as big as the Renault Kwid or the Maruti S-Presso? Today, to answer these questions, we are going to give you each and every information related to the specifications of Tata Punch. In order to better understand the size of this vehicle, we have compared its Maruti WagonR and Swift. Let’s know how big is the last Tata’s punch from WagonR…

how wide is the punch

The Tata Punch looks bold in appearance and the new model of WagonR also has a boxy look. But when it comes to the width of both the vehicles, the punch leaves the WagonR far behind. Despite being a small vehicle, the width of the punch is quite good. This car has been given a width of 1822mm. Whereas WagonR is only 1620mm.

Swift equal length

On the other hand, when it comes to the length of the car, Punch is ahead of WagonR in this matter too. Everyone had doubts about the length of the maximum punch that this car would be smaller than the WagonR. But Tata has cleared this misconception. The punch has been given a length of 3840mm. Which means that this car is as tall as Maruti Swift. At the same time, the length of WagonR is 3655mm.

Less than WagonR in height

The Tata Punch is only slightly lower than the WagonR in terms of height and that is true. Because if the small car is too high, then its stability can also be a problem. The height of WagonR is 1675mm. While the height of the punch is 1635mm. On the other hand, if we talk about the wheelbase of both the vehicles, then the wheelbase of 2450mm is available in Punch and 2435mm in WagonR. You will get the same 2450mm wheelbase in the Punch and Swift.

Talking about the final Verdict, the real fight of Punch is seen with Swift. Because in terms of size, it is ahead of WagonR in every respect and in terms of width it is ahead of Swift.

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